Keep Calm & Product On

A four-part series covering methods and Amplitude tools that can help you make fast, effective decisions as a remote team working through unprecedented challenges and uncertainty. Learn from our expert product team and customers about the principles of finding and answering the right questions, data storytelling, and machine learning.

How to Drive Team Alignment through Data Storytelling

As product teams suddenly find themselves working in a remote team environment, getting everyone on the same page is now harder and more important than ever. Teams need powerful product tools and insights to navigate this unprecedented time.

In this session, Amplitude Product Manager Abbie Kouzmanoff, will share our thoughts on how teams can collaborate and stay aligned with data, as well as how to use one our most loved features, Notebooks, to share better data stories. You’ll also hear from Amplitude customers about how their teams approach product, and why collaboration and data storytelling are critical steps in their development processes.

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How to Find and Answer the Right Questions about Your Product Experience

These days most product teams find themselves working remote, being asked to do more with less, and completely exhausted from back-to-back Zoom meetings. Spending time on questions that go beyond monitoring KPIs seems out of the question. And finding resources to help you dig into what’s driving customer milestones in activation and engagement? That would seem impossible.

With new capabilities in Amplitude, measuring activation milestones and uncovering drivers can be done in less than five minutes. In this session, Amplitude Principal Product Manager, Mike Ottavi-Brannon, will discuss how tools like Conversion Drivers and Milestone Analysis help you quickly find and answer the right questions about your user behavior. We’ll walk through an example of how the Amplitude team uses these tools, and show you how to easily set them up for your product.

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How to Get Cleaner and More Consistent Data (with a Little Planning)

So you just shipped a new feature and you’re eager to see how it (hopefully) moved the needle on user engagement. But when you go to do the analysis you realize you’re not sure which events to select, whether the names are the same across platforms, or if the new feature is even tracked yet. We’ve all been there. Planning instrumentation is often the last thing on our minds when we’re trying to get a release out the door.

In this session, we’ll be chatting with Amplitude PM Dana Levine and Sara Land from Fanduel about how a little bit of planning goes a long way to getting cleaner and more consistent data.. You’ll learn how to set rules to systematize your schema right in Amplitude, as well as gain some tricks for cleaning up any errors. Finally, we’ll demonstrate how to get input and buy-in from the entire team even when everyone is remote and working asynchronously. A small investment in instrumentation planning saves a ton of time for everyone.

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How to Break Data Silos that Limit Visibility & Agility

More than ever, remote teams need self-service access to great insights and an easy path to connect the data they need. But for most, the explosion of data from new tools, more devices, and increasingly complex digital experiences has created silos that limit teams visibility into a 360-degree view of how customers experience your products. Data Warehouses, Customer Data Platforms, Marketing Automation & Messaging Technologies, and other Analytics solutions – the data you need lives in so many places.

In this session we’ll hear from Amplitude Group PM Alon Bartur and Chris Nielsen Principal at Kin & Carta about how to eliminate the data silos that naturally form in your organization. We’ll cover how a more connected ecosystem that doesn’t require IT implementation or maintenance enables teams to discover opportunities, ship fast, and measure impact. And you will see new Amplitude data management tools and integrations with platforms like Adobe, Intercom, Braze, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Segment, mParticle, and many more. Breaking down your silos isn’t a pipe dream – it’s possible with the right pipelines and a solid strategy.

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