Amplitude for WordPress plugin

One-click WordPress Analytics Plugin

Boost your web engagement and conversions by accessing WordPress data in Amplitude. Cost-free and easy to install—no coding required.

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One-click WordPress Analytics Plugin

WordPress analytics plugin for trusted web insights

WordPress analytics plugin for trusted web insights

Seamless insights for your WordPress site

Start tracking your WordPress site events—page views, sessions, clicks, traffic, conversions, and more. See your website data flow into Amplitude in real time with no developer required.

Seamless insights for your WordPress site
Track web performance

Self-serve insights

Understand how web performance impacts your business with automated insights, built-in collaboration tools, and starter templates that make it easy for teams to connect the dots between behaviors and outcomes.

Self-serve insights
Fix issues

Session Replay

See what site visitors do and why. Amplitude unites quantitative and qualitative insights across the customer journey, enabling you to quickly spot issues and improve any part of your web experience.

Session Replay
Grow customers

Campaign Reporting

Get powerful campaign insights to understand how your channel investments impact bottom-line outcomes like ARPU, AOV, and conversion rates on your websites.

Campaign Reporting
Re-engage visitors

Audience engagement

Boost web performance with personalized campaigns using web and product insights. Build audience lists based on visitor behaviors and track which campaigns keep them coming back.

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“The power of Amplitude is the ability to answer one question, which leads to another question, which leads to more questions. Within moments, marketers can make this self-serve journey and find the direction they should take. ”

Anish Jariwala
Sr. Director, Marketing Strategy and Operations, Coursera

Features for WordPress teams

Go beyond the basics of Google Analytics—without the hassle of migration—using Amplitude’s no-code instrumentation and powerful features.

Web analytics space

Measure what matters out of the box with pre-built marketing templates, metrics, and reports.

Session Replay

Watch replays of user experiences to understand behaviors and fix issues.

Session metrics

Analyze important web metrics such as entry and exits rates, bounce rates, and other session-based behaviors.

Data tables

Build a custom analysis using multiple metrics in several different dimensions

Channel attribution

Understand how your channels impact bottom-line outcomes like average revenue per user, average order value, and conversions.

Audience targeting

Re-engage your audiences with user data from your website.

Make the most of your website

What can you do with web and product insights in one platform?

Grow with better campaigns
Grow with better campaigns
  • See how top campaigns, channels, and content impact new user growth.
  • Cut acquisition costs by evaluating campaign spend, channel performance, and product use.
Optimize for conversions
Optimize for conversions
  • Understand your customer journey to identify experiences that make people convert.
  • Remove friction and deliver more targeted experiences.
Build a revenue engine
Build a revenue engine
  • Identify your purchase drivers by correlating buying behavior with site performance.
  • Run campaigns to personalize experiences and find new ways to boost monetization.

One-click instrumentation for your WordPress site

Get immediate insights to grow your site when you send your WordPress data to Amplitude.

Frequently asked questions

A WordPress plugin is a piece of code that you can use to extend the features or capabilities of your WordPress site. For example, you can use plugins to add videos and forms or even integrate web analytics into your WordPress site. Some plugins are complex and require technical know-how to install, whereas others are easy to use and just take a click of a button to get started.

With the Amplitude for WordPress plugin, you can use Amplitude’s all-in-one web and product analytics platform with a quick WordPress installation. Send your web data to Amplitude to gain deep insights on website usage and performance, discover new opportunities for personalization, and optimize your web experience with A/B testing—all without relying on engineering resources.

It only takes a few minutes to install Amplitude’s web analytics plugin for WordPress. Simply download the plugin, then follow the three-step instructions on the download page to connect your account and get started with insights. For instructions on connecting Amplitude to WordPress, check out the installation guide on our wordpress plugin page.

The Amplitude for WordPress plugin enables the seamless integration, onboarding, and instrumentation of WordPress data into Amplitude. The plugin installs a Browser SDK, which automatically sends analytics event data from your WordPress site to Amplitude. The SDK also adds a Browser SDK script to each web page, enabling Default Event Tracking on your website.

Your WordPress site will automatically send data about website events (such as page views, sessions, clicks, conversions, etc.) into Amplitude. This enables you to analyze your web data and generate real-time web insights right in your Amplitude dashboard. If the Session Replay checkbox is checked, the plugin also installs and activates the Session Replay SDK with the sampling rate you’ve selected.

The Amplitude for WordPress plugin is free to use. We built this plugin to help small businesses and startups connect their WordPress site to Amplitude quickly and without requiring engineering resources.

The Amplitude for WordPress plugin is perfect for small businesses and startups that want to connect their WordPress site to the industry-leading Digital Analytics Platform without engineering resources. Amplite empowers small teams to grow their business with ease.

If you miss GA’s Universal Analytics or GA 360, or if you want to move from GA4 to holistic web and product insights, the Amplitude for WordPress plugin is for you. This plugin enables you to bridge the gap between your website and its performance by automatically sending real-time insights from WordPress to Amplitude.

Yes. Amplitude's Browser SDK captures page views, sessions, related event properties, and user properties out of the box. Visual labeling adds to this with the ability to capture element interactions and create labeled events through a user interface, and it includes support for glob match to handle multiple pages. More information on the events and event properties captured through the SDK can be found here and information about our visual labeling features can be found here.

Amplitude enables you to monitor web performance and key website metrics—such as traffic, page views, sessions, clicks, traffic, conversions, bounce rate, and more—all in your analytics dashboard. Amplitude also unites your web and product insights, giving you a holistic understanding of your end-to-end customer journey.

As part of our all-in-one platform, you’ll also have access to starter templates, Session Replay, campaign reporting tools, third-party integrations via our CDP, collaboration tools, and more

Yes, Amplitude is 100% compatible with Google Analytics. You’ll be able to see WordPress insights in both platforms, but Amplitude has self-serve access and is easier to use and understand. You may notice discrepancies between the data in Amplitude vs. Google Analytics, and that’s because Amplitude gathers your website and product data across the entire customer journey.

In other words, you get more accurate insights from Amplitude than GA because we collect more data points. To learn more, check out our blog on Common questions about migrating from GA to Amplitude as well as our guide on How to Migrate from Google Analytics to Amplitude.