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Accelerate SaaS product growth

Most analytics tools aren’t built for B2B use cases. Get everything your B2B product team needs to increase product ROI and drive adoption and revenue with Amplitude Accounts.

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Finally, account-level analytics for B2B companies

Account-level reporting is critical for any B2B company, and it has helped Hubspot grow into a leader in inbound marketing and sales. With their suite of marketing and sales software, Hubspot is helping over 34,000 customers grow their businesses with less work.

It would be crazy to not use Amplitude’s Accounts if you are a SaaS company. With Accounts, each team can drill down to the set of customers that can create the highest ROI through product changes. Dan Wolchonok Senior Manager of Growth & Analytics, Hubspot

Learn which features drive account conversion

You can now analyze and deep dive into accounts just as easily as you view individual user journeys. Answer questions like:

  • What do the most engaged accounts do differently?
  • How quickly are new accounts onboarding in my product?
  • Which accounts have the right level of activity to be Product Qualified Leads?

Sync critical data from 3rd party software

Integrate with Salesforce and Zendesk to enrich product usage data with real world events.

  • Drive accounts faster through each stage of the sales cycle
  • Track which features drive upsells and revenue

Focus on the right accounts to increase ROI

Cohort your accounts based on their behavior in your product. Answer questions like:

  • Which accounts are lagging behind and at risk of churn?
  • What accounts are early adopters for beta features?

Supercharge your product team

Get started for free with all core analytics features and 10 million user actions per month