The platform helping teams build great products

Product intelligence enables the teams asking the questions, building the experiences, and deciding what's next with the data and analytics they need.

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“Amplitude is a powerful product intelligence platform that will empower your product managers to self-serve and, in turn, allow you to make better and faster product decisions.”

Ran Chen

Head of Consumer Product

A complete picture of user behavior

See every user path, no matter how simple or how complex, to understand the context and intent behind every action.

“Product intelligence is not simply reporting numbers. It’s about helping the business make measurably better decisions.”

John Humphrey

Former Head of Data Science and Analytics

Integrated from data to action—and back again

Handle a firehose of data from diverse sources and connect data to power personalized experiences.

Customized to fit how and what your team builds

Looking for extra horsepower to fit your unique analytics needs? We’ve got you covered.

Product-led Practices Get Results

Businesses that use product intelligence tools are more than 5.5x likely to see >25% revenue growth year over year. Learn more in the Product Intelligence Report.

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