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Amplitude Experiment

Deliver the best experience faster.

Amplitude Experiment embeds analytics and customer behavior into A/B testing and rollout workflows so teams learn faster and adapt experiences for key segments.

Run Better Tests

Get past small tweaks and take on bigger bets with behavior, identity resolution, and analytics built-in.

Scale Experimentation

Drive consistency and best practices with an integrated end-to-end workflow from hypothesis to analysis.

Configure Experiences Remotely

Serve bespoke experiences for new users, power users, or any segment with feature flags and payloads.

Test experiences with any customer segment.


Today’s experience

Variant A

Share focused

Variant B

Encouragement focused

The only experimentation solution born from analytics and customer behavior.

When you start with a better foundation you get better results. Design the right tests and deliver the best experiences faster than competitors with Amplitude Experiment’s end-to-end workflow.

Start from hypotheses grounded in existing analyses. Align goals to specific metrics. Estimate time-in-field.

Target segments by behavior or cohorts used in analytics. Customize rollout assignments. Synchronize assignments across platforms.

See results in real-time. Measure downstream impact on engagement and retention. Uncover emergent behaviors.

Make bigger bets without taxing technical teams.

Everything you need in one place.

Determine and deliver the best customer experience without adding another silo.

A/B Tests

Learn what matters to users, what drives important behaviors, and what’s limiting growth.

Feature Flags

Configure experiences remotely, manage release risk, and deploy faster.

Behavioral Data

Target customers based on actual or predicted behavior without extra engineering work.

Identity Resolution

Serve users the same experience regardless of platform or auth state.


Pass variables into your product to remotely manage experiences without deploying new code.

Proactive Analytics

Surface ripple effects in behavior that occur beyond the bounds of tests.

Scale experimentation across your teams.

Open new possibilities for what you can test and what you can learn.

Loyalty programs

Target your most valuable users to test loyalty experiences that increase LTV.

Design look and feel

Push in color palette configurations to test new designs like a Night Mode.

Navigation experiences

Experiment with navigation order and options for new users versus power users.

Form Optimization

Test adjustments to form setup based on acquisition channels and sources.

Social experiences

Determine if shared experiences increase engagement and which segments value it the most.

CTAs by Segment

Try different CTAs for premium plans for new users versus existing subscribers.

Discount Optimization

Test different offers by channel, product usage or predicted behavior.

Funnel Optimization

Remotely reorder or remove steps in a funnel to experiment with improvements to conversion.

Propensity-driven experiences

Use predictions to test changes in the UI based users’ likelihood to use a feature or make a purchase.


Why digital teams needed a new system.

A new “Big Idea” report from Constellation research unpacks the forces and nuances that have led to a new way of working and a mission-critical system for digital businesses.

  • How have customers and products changed forever?
  • Why measure behaviors over experiences?
  • What infrastructure is used by the top digital products?
  • Why are BI and marketing clouds not the answer?
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Experimentation Guidebook

Learn how to level-up your experimentation program by testing what matters.

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