Amplitude is the #1 Behavioral Analytics Platform for Product Intelligence

Create experiences customers love with 360º-view of behaviors across the customer journey.

Create high-value customers faster with milestone analysis

Pinpoint the exact moments (“milestones”) that drive new users to become high-value customers. Milestone analysis gives teams deeper insights to engineer product experiences that guide customers through critical moments in the user journey.

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Get a complete picture of user behavior in your product

Go beyond vanity metrics like pageviews and clicks. See every path users take in a single view and zoom in to understand the context and intent behind their actions.

Find and answer the right questions

Answer complex product questions like, which activities keep users coming back? What is the impact of your latest release? Amplitude’s Behavioral Platform does the heavy lifting for you—no analysts, no SQL needed.

Swish increased conversion 251% with Amplitude

Master user engagement with behavioral analyses

Automatically identify the personas most likely to become power users. Break down critical paths in your product and improve conversions between steps.

Find your next 100 ideas for growth

Understanding user behavior gives you insight into the intent and motives behind users’ actions. Turn these insights into new growth opportunities for your product.

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Put Amplitude’s product intelligence platform to work for your product


Democratize access to product data and metrics with easy-to-use and collaborative analytics.


Utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product.


Get instant, meaningful insights into what is and isn't working with a real-time platform.


Improve critical metrics like conversion and retention to drive revenue and impact for your company.