Product-Led Growth Guide Volume 2

How to Get Started with PLG

Learn how to increase product-led acquisition, retention, and monetization with PLG tactics and metrics from over 30 industry experts.

Table of Contents

                        Power PLG with Insights from Amplitude

                        PLG can be daunting. The approach is complex and requires a rethinking of practically every aspect of an organization’s culture and operations. Amplitude can help you, providing essential insights into the customer journey and how to harness them for growth using the right tactics and metrics. Amplitude guides you to answer questions such as:

                        • Why do users get stuck, drop off, or become inactive?
                        • How can you turn new users into active, engaged ones?
                        • What delightful product experiences breed customer loyalty?
                        • Which actions predict higher conversion and lifetime value?
                        • How can you identify and recreate power user behavior?
                        • What are the stickiest features that bring users back repeatedly?

                        Use these insights to build products users love—ones that grow your business.

                        Learn more in Product-Led Growth Volume 1: What Is PLG? and explore your product-led customer journey with Amplitude’s free plan.