User Retention Playbook

Mastering Customer Retention Strategy

You've invested time and money into acquiring new users—but are you keeping them? With a deliberate focus on customer retention, you can improve retention at all stages of the user lifecycle to reduce churn and boost lifetime value.

Table of Contents

                      Why should you read this playbook?

                      If you care about growth, then you should care about user retention.

                      Without retention, your user base is like a leaky bucket. Despite a solid go to market strategy and heavy investments in marketing, advertising, and other means of customer acquisition, you’ll still wind up with no long-term users—which means unsustainable growth and an inability to generate revenue.

                      And although the internet is rife with growth hacks for increasing retention—from social media tactics and drip campaigns to targeted ads and push notifications—these are just short-term, unspecific tactics that lead to a temporary uptick in active users. To date, there hasn’t been a broadly applicable framework for improving user retention at various stages of the user lifecycle—until now.

                      With this playbook, you will learn:

                      • How to gauge your business's real growth.
                      • The importance of analyzing retention at different stages of a user's lifecycle.
                      • How to identify user behaviors and actions correlated with retention.
                      • How to convert newly acquired users into ongoing users.
                      • How to turn current users into more engaged power users.
                      • How to reactivate dormant users.

                      This framework is an adaptable, repeatable strategy that individuals can apply for products at all stages of growth and in all verticals. The team at Amplitude is confident this playbook will quickly become your go-to guide for leveraging user behavior to understand and improve retention.

                      A NOTE ON REAL-LIFE EXAMPLES

                      Although this playbook draws on real-life examples from companies we work with, we've altered examples to prevent disclosing specific companies and their real data. However, we've tried to preserve the lessons and principles behind the examples as much as possible.

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