Amplitude’s Ease of Use Enables Everyone at Avito to Access and Learn from User Behavior Data

For Avito, even simple user questions were taking 1-2 weeks to answer. By moving to Amplitude the growth team instantly found the answers to their questions and identified user actions that boosted retention 100%.


boost in retention


reduction in cost of acquisition

Avito, located in Morocco, has a website and mobile app for posting classified ads, enabling people to buy and sell online—anything from electronics, to cars, to houses. Avito is part of Schibsted, an international media group with employees in over 30 countries aiming to be a global leader in online marketplaces, growth, and media.

Avito was seeing sustained growth and engagement, but Youssef El Ghourfi, Avito’s growth manager, had a problem: it was difficult to answer questions about their users. Even simple questions, like “which category is the most active in our app?” took 1–2 weeks to answer.

“Amplitude was the one answer to the dozens of questions we kept asking at Avito: from measuring segment-based retention to understanding user’s behavior per category, it has it all.”

Any product manager or marketer with a question had to send a request to the data team and then wait for queries to be written, data collection, and QA before getting an answer. Youssef thought it should be much simpler—anyone at Avito should be able to look up data and get answers themselves.

As Youssef began looking for the right analytics solution, he was drawn to Amplitude’s in-depth behavioral analytics, particularly the focus on retention analytics and predictive features like Compass. Making Avito as sticky as possible and retaining users are Youssef’s main goals in his role as growth manager.

Implemented in just 2 hours

To try out Amplitude, Youssef implemented all of Avito’s events in Amplitude in just 2 hours, saying it was “very straightforward.” Says Youssef, “Since I could implement Amplitude directly into our tag manager, we were able to see it working pretty fast, and I saw the value right away.”

Easy data access means massive time savings

Everyone at Avito, including team members in product, marketing, sales, and design, can now answer their own questions in Amplitude immediately, instead of waiting 1–2 weeks.

“We can take action quickly. As soon as we discover something in Amplitude, we launch an A/B test or adjust our push notifications in response.”

This shortened time to insight allows for drastically faster product iteration and marketing campaign development, enabling Avito to improve and grow at an accelerated pace.

Marketing drove down the cost of acquisition by 3x

For example, the marketing team uses Amplitude data to craft more effective ad campaigns tailored to their best audiences. When it’s time to make new campaigns, they use Amplitude to find the most active categories, cities, and price ranges, and then brainstorm ads to target those users. The resulting ads perform much better than the previous method of doing random tests to see what worked—driving down the cost of acquisition 3-fold.

In addition, the team leverages behavioral data in Amplitude to create custom behavioral cohorts of users who share certain characteristics or behaviors (ex., viewing ads for high-price items like houses and cars). They then route these cohorts to their CRM Braze, via the integration with Amplitude, to send hyper-targeted push notifications and campaigns to the right people.

Growth & Product identified user actions that boost retention 100%

Avito’s growth and product teams use Amplitude to investigate the user actions that drive retention. For example, they found that if a user did at least one search on their first day, retention increased by nearly 100%. As a result, they updated their onboarding flow to prompt users to make their first search as soon as possible.

Anyone can answer any question

For Avito, Amplitude’s value is the ability for anyone at the company to answer any question about their users’ behavior. According to Youssef, “the most powerful thing for me is analyzing retention based on behavior. For some other teams, it’s being able to easily segment events and users based on properties, like finding the most searched keyword in a category. Amplitude is really the perfect data tool.”


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