How Flipp is customizing its content for better CTRs, engagement, and retention

Using Amplitude, this free planning and shopping app doubled its CTRs for personalized campaigns


Increase in blended CTRs


Personalization in campaigns


Weekly active users from Flipp on Amplitude

In a new twist on a classic form of advertising, Flipp takes shopping circulars into the internet age. The Toronto-based company delivers digital ads from more than 2,000 retailers, helping consumers find the best deals in their area every week.

But Flipp knew if it wanted to grow, it needed to enhance its user experience through better customization. To create highly-targeted marketing campaigns, Flipp adopted Amplitude Engage with Braze. Flipp’s customized campaigns increased retention and boosted click-through rates by approximately 20%.

From generic to highly personalized campaigns

Before partnering with Amplitude, Flipp used an internally developed proprietary system for some of its marketing campaigns. Targeting users required the data team to manually pull user information. The process was time-consuming and cumbersome, which made it difficult to run customized campaigns. As a result, the marketing team often opted to send relatively generic campaigns.

Amplitude Engage helps Flipp identify affinity cohorts—groups of users who have engaged with the same retailer—which Flipp targets in emails and push notifications via the engagement platform Braze. The entire process takes as little as 30 minutes. In the past, generic campaigns took two days to assemble.

“We immediately found Amplitude’s cohort creation tool to be helpful, in terms of understanding different groups of people. We found that we’re able to create these cohorts easily and size them to understand how many users were in the groups to see how effective certain campaigns might be.”
Andrew Hutchings, Director of Customer Experience at Flipp

In fact, Flipp found Amplitude so easy to use that it now sends 3x more personalized marketing campaigns than it used to. And, with how simple it is to customize campaigns with Amplitude’s cohort tool, 60% of Flipp’s campaigns are now personalized.

This new, targeted campaign approach has had a direct impact on Flipp’s CTRs: the team successfully drove a 2x CTR increase for their best-performing affinity campaigns.

“What’s best about it is that it’s been sustainable,” Andrew says. “It wasn’t something that we found worked for users just at the beginning because they were getting a new type of content. So it wasn’t really just like a freshness factor that helped increase CTRs. We’re consistently noticing an increase in CTRs.”

Along with the increase in CTRs, Flipp saw a direct increase in the revenue impacting metric: engaged visits. As a result of these higher CTRs, Flipp has also seen consistently higher retention rates.

Accessible data helps teams learn and execute faster

Beyond these numbers, Andrew says, Amplitude Engage has had a transformative effect on Flipp, starting with the growth marketing team.

“I really think Amplitude Engage’s greatest value is the way it democratizes data. It allows us to be able to understand what different audiences look like on our own, without having to rely on other teams to get that information and react very quickly and efficiently by sending those audiences something real, like a push notification or an email.”
Andrew Hutchings, Director of Customer Experience at Flipp

In addition to saving time, Andrew adds, the understanding that comes with that data gives employees, including sales reps, the kind of buy-in that is so critical to success. “That sense of ownership is huge,” he said.


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