How Jumbo Interactive Delivers Spotify-like Personalization for Every User

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          With Amplitude Audiences’s AI-driven insights, there’s no need to compromise on user experience


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          Jumbo Interactive runs Oz Lotteries, a platform that resells Australian National Lottery products like Oz Lotto, Powerball, and Lucky Lotteries’ Super and Mega Jackpots. We also offer a syndicate service that allows people to buy shares in lottery pools and resell tickets for popular charity lotteries like Mater Cars for Cancer and Act for Kids.

          There was a time when building a great app or website was enough to attract and keep customers. In today’s world, however, customers expect top-notch digital experiences that meet their needs almost intuitively. For Jumbo Interactive, the owner of Oz Lotteries, which powers Australia’s top lottery games, creating the best digital experience meant taking a personalized approach to dialing up its marketing efforts, boosting conversions, and securing more sales.

          Striking a Balance Between Inviting and Intrusive

          Before implementing Amplitude, Jumbo’s marketing team used to cast a wide net. They had a massive cohort of customers and frequently blasted them with emails. Some of these customers would end up buying more, but conversion rates were low. For on-site placements, their conversion rate sat at 1.57%.

          Although we could see we were failing, we didn’t have the baseline data to understand why.

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          Patrick Gordon
          Principal Product Manager

          While cognizant of customer privacy concerns, Jumbo knew marketing efforts would be more effective if they were grounded in experiences that automate the discovery process and recommend content tailored to customer habits. The company wanted to offer an experience that felt inviting instead of intrusive.

          Taking Personalization to the Next Level

          Jumbo started to build a personalization technology stack based on customer engagement platform Braze, and digital experience and analytics platform FullStory. But their in-house marketing automation pipeline didn’t yield the conversions Jumbo needed, so the marketing team started looking at third-party solutions. The product team had begun to use Amplitude as a digital product analytics and growth tool, and when they were told about Amplitude Audiences, it was clear this new product was exactly what the team needed to push personalization efforts to the next level.

          Amplitude Audiences allows Jumbo to create cohorts based on customers’ on-site behaviors. It then generates personalized recommendations and messages that encourage them to take further actions. Its machine learning algorithms can predict what Oz Lotteries customers will buy next and steer them in the right direction to purchase. And best of all, it takes minutes to set up. For Jumbo, that meant they had their first project live in a matter of weeks.

          We could never have developed something like this in-house, nor could we have implemented it so easily on our own.

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          Patrick Gordon
          Principal Product Manager

          Jumbo rolled out Amplitude Audiences and started experimenting with personalization efforts. One of the marketing team’s earliest initiatives was an email campaign that directed charity lottery ticket purchasers to the online shopping cart instead of sending them to the play page. Jumbo thought that presenting customers with the option to buy a pre-selected ticket would be interesting to them, but it turns out that charity lottery buyers spend a lot of time on the play pages, looking at the homes and vehicles being raffled. Amplitude let Jumbo easily test this hypothesis and then readjust when the insights came in.

          That’s the beauty of having insights—you can easily test out ideas with Audiences and see what works.

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          Patrick Gordon
          Principal Product Manager

          Next, Jumbo sent out a charity lottery recommendation to users who had made an online purchase. They also sent out a push notification to players who had placed an order in the online app. Jumbo then A/B tested the conversion rates in Braze to refine these offers. Finally, Jumbo created a content card for people who clicked through an email or push notification to access the website.

          This test led to striking findings: the team learned that the email had a 20% improvement over control; the app push had a 32% improvement over control; and the content card had an 8.5% improvement over control.

          Finding Revenue by Delivering a Better Product

          Within just two months of Jumbo offering AI-driven recommendations, they experienced a 158% lift in conversions on one checkout page. That has the potential to translate to an extra $500,000 in new revenue opportunities year over year. And, the journey is early and many more revenue opportunities are expected to come.

          Jumbo quickly moved past the learning phase and has gotten the hang of tweaking and optimizing offers. Armed with Amplitude Audiences, Jumbo’s marketing and product teams can start to improve the core experience for different customer cohorts. Now, the company wants to ramp up and use personalization to offer better products, increase customer engagement, and boost the social and interactive component of their online offering.

          Amplitude Audiences transforms the black box of machine learning into an intuitive tool that provides real-time, actionable analytics that power product and marketing decisions.

          author photo
          Patrick Gordon
          Principal Product Manager

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