A Daily Analytics Routine

The first thing Iago Novoa does when he gets to the office in Barcelona is check his team’s Amplitude dashboards. Iago, the Head of Business Intelligence at letgo, looks at key metrics such as daily active user levels. Amplitude has also become an essential part of letgo’s fast-pace product development process.

A/B Testing Analysis With Amplitude

Let’s say Iago wanted to analyze an A/B test he ran. Letgo sends the A/B test as a user property to Amplitude and has the ability to analyze anything they want about the A/B test. “In Amplitude, it’s just run and drop, anyone can do it. I can create graphs, I can
segment, I can do whatever,” he said.

“There are so many tools out there which offer analytical options, but none of them come close to the flexibility you have in Amplitude.” If Iago didn’t have the option to use Amplitude, he said analysis would be a very time consuming task involving going to the database, building queries and waiting for the query to find the result.

So whether you need to segment by operating system, or by location within the United States, or whether you want to check the percentage of users taking a specific action “we send the A/B test as a user property and analyze anything you we need.

“Grabbing the data and making sure you have it all ready to analyze is probably the worst part of analysis for BI people,” Iago added. “In Amplitude, you don’t need to waste time.”

Measuring A New Feature

In addition to A/B test analysis, monitoring the performance of new features is an integral Amplitude use case. “Every time we have a new release or we launch a new feature in the app, we wait for a period and run an analysis in Amplitude first,” Iago said. “We thoroughly test everything we do.”