How Amplitude Helps LogMeIn Iterate Faster and Focus on Driving Company Growth

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Use Case:

            Amplitude enables the product teams at LogMeIn, LastPass, LogMeIn Pro and Central to get direct, immediate access to user data, reducing the time to insight and enabling the company to iterate and improve quickly.

            LogMeIn chose Amplitude because it makes an immediate impact. Its great out-of-the-box analytics capabilities provide instant insight and business value for our company.

            LogMeIn is a cloud software company that simplifies how people connect to each other and the world around them. With millions of users worldwide, their products include LastPass®, a password-management solution for individuals and businesses; traditional remote access solutions, LogMeIn Pro™ and LogMeIn Central™;®, a popular online collaboration tool; and customer engagement tools, BoldChat® and LogMeIn Rescue®.

            Mike Murray was brought onto the LogMeIn team to manage product analytics for LastPass, LogMeIn Pro and Central. As a Business Intelligence Systems Analyst focusing on growth, his job is to standardize tracking and make sure the team is effectively leveraging data in the right places. To save the company time and resources, Mike recommended LogMeIn use a third-party analytics tool that would make it easy to keep track of product usage and engagement metrics.

            More than Expected Out-of-the-Box

            LogMeIn first used another provider and thought it was good for getting a high-level picture of what people were doing in their products, but when Mike tried out Amplitude, he was amazed to find that Amplitude could provide a lot more out-of-thebox analysis than he expected. “Amplitude provides a deeper dive into metrics, the kinds of things we thought we were going to need to bring analysts in to do manually,” says Mike.

            “One of the key drivers for selecting Amplitude was that we could alleviate a lot of technical and analytical overhead,” Mike notes. With Mike managing the events and data flowing into Amplitude, LogMeIn’s marketing and design teams can find insights themselves rather than going through analysts.

            Easily Accessible Data

            Mike expressed how useful it is that people don’t need to rely on him and other analysts for reports, as it often happens at companies the size of LogMeIn.

            Those without an analyst background can quickly spin up some segmentation charts and dashboards to share with their teams. It is truly a versatile and powerful platform.

            Says Mike, “Someone in product marketing or design can create a cohort with a few clicks and see how users are behaving after a new release or campaign. That is super powerful.”

            Amplitude also makes it easy for people to share data with each other by publishing graphs to public dashboards or scheduling email reports to go out on daily or weekly intervals.

            The Advantage of Speed

            When asked what LogMeIn can accomplish with Amplitude that they couldn’t previously, Mike’s answer was simply: “It’s the speed at which we can operate.”

            “To grow, we need to understand how our users operate and navigate in the product,” says Mike. “Amplitude takes a lot of the grunt work out of what we need to do to understand our users, which allows us to focus on the data itself and get to insights faster.

            Before Amplitude, people at LogMeIn went through a more rigorous process to get data: The Business Intelligence team would tag events and track data, which would feed into an internal database. Anyone with a question would put a request through a ticketing system, which then got prioritized amongst all the other data requests from different departments. Once the ticket got prioritized, an analyst had to pull the data, dig into it, and spot check it to make sure it was accurately packaged before finally delivering the results.

            This whole process used to sometimes take up to 2–3 weeks— but Amplitude cut out that overhead and enables employees to work directly with the data. “We’ve saved tremendous amounts of time,” says Mike.

            In addition to the reduced time-to-insight, Mike loves getting the user data in realtime. “We can roll out a test and get immediate results based on the data we’re feeding in.” Amplitude’s interface cuts down on time spent gathering and analyzing test results, allowing Mike’s team to keep firing off tests and improvements.

            Impressive Results with One Insight

            As Mike said, he’s really impressed by what Amplitude offers out of the box—features like Compass, which scans through new user data and identifies behaviors that are predictive of retention.

            Based on Compass data, the LogMeIn product team rolled out a test to encourage a certain customer behavior and quickly saw positive results in their core metric.

            This example sums up the value LogMeIn gets from using Amplitude: flexible, deep analytics that saves the company time and enables them to directly find insights, run experiments, and iterate and improve their product