Square Relies on Amplitude as Their Central Source for User Insights

As a high-growth company, Square needed to break down data silos and provide self-service data access for their teams. Since using Amplitude as the central source for exploring behavioral data, 100+ employees turn to Amplitude for insights.


employees using Amplitude daily


source for user insights

“Amplitude is our central source of data for validating growth experiments, learning about our customers, and prioritizing initiatives.”

Headquartered in San Francisco, Square builds products that help people start, run, and grow their businesses, like Square Register and Square Cash.

Square believes that everyone at the company should be empowered to use data to make good decisions. With such a fast-growing public company, it’s important that data is accessible to anyone who needs it, rather than having dependencies on a few people who ‘hold the keys’ to the data.

Challenge: Data Access and Insights Across Teams

Each month, Square tracks billions of events, which show what Square’s users are doing within their products. This event data is critical for understanding how users are interacting with Square’s products so teams can improve and better serve their users.

With so many departments needing access to data, including product, growth, and marketing, Square realized they needed an analytics platform that would give all of these end users self-service access to the data they needed. It wouldn’t be a good use of anyone’s time to funnel all data requests through Square’s analytics team, which could result in long turnaround times and backlogged analysts.

Taking all these factors into account, Square selected Amplitude as their analytics solution for collecting, exploring, and gaining insights from user event data. Amplitude is the centralized resource for self-service data that cross-functional teams at Square use to track metrics and make data-backed product and marketing decisions.

Show Me the Data: Prioritizing Resources and Growth Experiments

Even after their IPO in 2015, Square is still in hyper-growth mode, continually trying out new improvements and updates across all of their products. Michelle Morrison, who leads creative strategy and operations for Square’s Acquisition team, constantly fields requests for growth experiments, website updates, and localized engagement from different departments.

To validate and triage these requests, Michelle and her team turn to Amplitude as the source of truth. Anyone with a request needs to have the data to back up the rationale and potential impact of a project:

  • What is the total opportunity?
  • Can we justify the resources required for execution?
  • What results do we expect to get?

Based on the data provided by Amplitude, Michelle and her team prioritize projects and initiatives by the projected impact.

Understanding Users at Scale

Product managers at Square use Amplitude daily to understand their users better. One example of this is the Square Register team. It’s difficult for them to get in the head of their users, small business owners, since most of them have never been one.

“We heavily use Amplitude’s Pathfinder and user activity streams to get in the heads of our users and understand how they navigate through the product, finding where they’re getting stuck or confused.”

PMs rely on Amplitude’s user behavior data to understand at scale how their users are navigating through the product, where they’re getting stuck, and what their pain points are.

According to Square analyst Anne Yeung, her team uses Amplitude’s Pathfinder and individual user activity streams to understand how users are navigating through the product and what kind of questions they have.

Amplitude: Square’s Central Hub for User Behavior Data

By providing self-service data access across departments and product teams, Amplitude enables anyone at Square to answer their own questions whenever they need to, without having to go through a data analyst. This access promotes a data-informed culture where everyone can use data to make the best decisions for moving Square forward.

Amplitude’s software solutions are written in Java, Python, and Javascript and hosted on Amazon Web Services. The speed, support and austoscale capabilities of AWS large-scale services allow Amplitude’s team to stay focused on building great products that deliver impact and value to its customers.


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