Retention Strategies to Fuel Your Growth Engine

Retention is the foundation for any sustainable growth model. Learn how to use Amplitude to drive retention with step-by-step video guides.

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In 2 minutes or less, learn how to...

Activate New Users

A strong activation funnel is the foundation for high retention in your product. Learn how to measure and optimize new user activation step by step.

Drive Engagement and Retention

Don't leave retention to chance! Understand how feature engagement drives retention with a few simple charts

Resurrect Dormant Users

Bringing back dormant users leads to a big return on investment. Learn how to re-engage them in just a few clicks.

Keep Learning

New to Amplitude? Here are some more resources that our retention experts recommend.

Mastering Retention Playbook
Mastering Retention Playbook

Use this playbook to learn the retention lifecycle framework, calculate retention rate, and build a data-informed strategy for your product.

Retention PDF Worksheets
Retention PDF Worksheets

Use these 6 worksheets to understand, improve, and calculate retention rate. Get step-by-step instructions to improve retention for your product.

Mastering Engagement Playbook
Mastering Engagement Playbook

Use this playbook to inform product strategy for great user engagement, go in-depth on engagement loops, stickiness, and activation, and learn from top examples.