Amplitude Acquires Predictive Analytics Pioneer ClearBrain

SAN FRANCISCO — (March 10, 2020) — Amplitude, the leader in product intelligence, announced today that it has acquired ClearBrain, a predictive analytics startup.

This is Amplitude’s first acquisition, and with it, customers will be able to instantly predict which features, campaigns and product bets are most likely to drive revenue growth without extensive A/B testing. In addition to integrating ClearBrain’s technology, Amplitude will be adding ClearBrain’s world-class product and engineering team to its machine learning division, which will be led by ClearBrain CEO Bilal Mahmood. Terms of the deal are not being disclosed.

“Amplitude works with leading digital teams which know that in today’s competitive marketplace, the best product experience wins. Our customers use product intelligence to iterate quickly on big bets, and they need instant clarity on what features their users are coming back to use and which campaigns drive the most engagement — that’s why predictive analytics matters,” Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates said. “Most predictive analytics solutions offered to companies today, however, are misleading and dangerous to rely on because they present correlation as causation. What the ClearBrain team has developed is years ahead of the market. They have built a self-serve, machine learning platform that provides predictive insights with clear causation out of the box.”

The ability to differentiate between causation and correlation has been the holy grail of analytics for product managers for decades and has traditionally only been possible through time-intensive A/B tests. The ClearBrain team experienced this firsthand as the founding engineers at Optimizely and Google Ads, and it inspired them to build a machine learning platform that could simulate thousands of these tests in parallel. As SVP of Engineering Shadi Rostami said in the Amplitude blog post announcing the acquisition, integrating this patent-pending technology into Amplitude will enable customers to forecast any product action and differentiate causal versus correlated conversion drivers in seconds.

“The opportunity to bring predictive analytics to thousands of Amplitude’s customers is an amazing proposition for us,” ClearBrain CEO and Founder Bilal Mahmood said. “It’s truly rare to find such strong alignment in culture and vision as we have with Amplitude.”

Amplitude has continued to grow its business rapidly with a strong start in 2020. In the past few weeks, the company has

  • added over 2.5 trillion new user actions to its proprietary behavioral database, Nova, from thousands of products around the world.
  • continued to grow its customer portfolio with market leaders in SaaS, consumer marketplaces, and others as well as landed a global Fortune 100 financial service business.
  • released over 12 new features and improvements to the Amplitude platform including a bi-directional integration with leading customer messaging platform Intercom, a data ingestion solution for marketing cloud customers, conversion drivers and enhanced privacy controls.
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