November 9, 2021

Amplitude Announces Partnership with Snowflake to Combine the Data Cloud and Digital Optimization, Delivering Real-Time, Unified and Enriched Customer Insights

New integration seamlessly unites the best-in-class data cloud with #1 product analytics solution within Amplitude to break down data silos, enrich product data and accelerate innovation

San Francisco, November 9, 2021 Amplitude, Inc. (Nasdaq: AMPL), a pioneer in digital optimization, today announced the availability of a new product integration and partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. Now, with just a few clicks, any Snowflake customer can easily import data into Amplitude and unlock actionable insight into customer behaviors and product experiences. Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System delivers deep understanding into which behaviors lead to business outcomes by capturing every customer action from data sources. This bi-directional integration empowers teams to break down data silos, enrich sets of data, and unlock real-time self-service insights. Now every member of an organization – from product managers to marketers and executives – can use Snowflake and Amplitude to make data-driven decisions that fuel faster product innovation and revenue growth. 

“At Amplitude, we’re on a mission to help companies build better products through data,” said Justin Bauer, senior vice president of product at Amplitude. “Businesses today have to know if their strategic product decisions are the right ones, so it is critical that technical and non-technical teams can access the product data they need when and how they want. Our deepened partnership with Snowflake puts best-in-class analytics on top of the best-in-class data cloud for faster insights-to-action that help leaders know their customers, grow their customers and keep their customers.”

For example, digital payments leader Square uses Amplitude’s integration with Snowflake to empower its teams to better understand, engage and delight its customers. With actionable and real-time data driving its product development process, leaders at Square can focus on what matters most: creating extraordinary digital experiences.

Snowflake customers can also access the full-breadth of Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System. They can now transform Snowflake’s data into a format that can be leveraged for behavioral personalization and take action on that data with Amplitude Recommend and Amplitude Experiment

Additionally, the integration works bi-directionally. Snowflake customers can now improve data quality inside their instance with Amplitude’s new data export workflow. Customers can use Amplitude’s powerful data governance to unify and resolve Snowflake data with other product data sources.

Together, Amplitude and Snowflake solve organizational pain points around adoption, depth of insight and speed-to-action:

  • Lightning-fast Queries: Amplitude enables every team to collaborate, experiment and make data-driven decisions in real-time by dropping query wait times from multiple seconds to milliseconds.
  • Retroactive Identity Resolution: Digital experiences span multiple devices, products, and channels. With Amplitude, user data is automatically stitched together into a single profile of attributes and behaviors for accurate analysis.
  • Event-based Governance Suite: Organizations can bi-directionally capture, plan, manage and clean data across Amplitude and Snowflake to empower all teams to run analyses autonomously and accelerate time-to-insight. 
  • Real-time Personalization: Amplitude’s Behavioral Graph identifies the right audience and delivers corresponding data to downstream integrations at the moment of customer interaction.

“With Amplitude and Snowflake, business leaders can harness the power of data to define and drive their product strategy,” said Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances at Snowflake. “Instead of wasting cycles on data infrastructure or processing, non-technical users can access a continuously updated stream of rich behavioral data and instantly answer questions critical to leading data-driven digital teams.” 

With this partnership, Amplitude also achieves Select tier status as a Snowflake Technology partner in the Snowflake Partner Network. Learn more about the Amplitude and Snowflake partnership here.

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