April 22, 2020

Amplitude Announces Product Intelligence Collaboration with AWS AppFlow

Integration partnership with AWS AppFlow enables customers to combine multiple streams of data for complete product intelligence.

SAN FRANCISCO, April 22, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amplitude, a leading product intelligence platform that allows companies to build great product experiences, today announced an integration with AWS AppFlow, a just-launched, fully managed Amazon Web Services (AWS) service that provides AWS customers with an easy and secure way to transfer data between AWS services and SaaS applications in just a few clicks. AWS AppFlow securely orchestrates and executes the transfer of data between AWS storage, analytics, and machine learning services and SaaS applications. Amplitude is an AWS AppFlow launch partner.

As companies’ data ecosystems grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to connect the touchpoints across a user’s journey and product experience. With the constant addition of new third-party tools and the creation of internal data systems, bidirectional flow between data sources is often difficult to maintain, leading to data getting stuck in silos. This incomplete or disjointed view ultimately impacts the questions asked and decisions made by product, growth, marketing, design, and analyst teams, hindering company growth and revenue.

“Amplitude’s platform is all about transparency and getting a 360 understanding of the customer journey through product intelligence,” said Spenser Skates, CEO of Amplitude. “Integrating with AWS AppFlow will allow our customers to efficiently merge disparate datasets so they can easily understand all facets that impact the users’ journey and thus make better product decisions.”

This integration will enable customers to combine various siloed data sources with their users’ behavioral data in Amplitude’s platform. Customer behavioral data from Amplitude can easily be stored in AWS services like Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and can also be sent to other AWS Partner Networking (APN) Partners who integrate with AWS AppFlow. This enriched and transformed data can then be imported back to Amplitude for analysis.

Through AWS AppFlow’s integrations with SaaS applications, customers can marry Amplitude’s behavioral data with other data sources to better understand the influences on user retention and monetization:

  • Amplitude + Salesforce: Businesses can understand how account and user behaviors drive pipeline progression and net retention. With the ability to send Amplitude data into Salesforce, go-to-market teams can easily understand how accounts are leveraging their products.
  • Amplitude + Zendesk: Product teams can surface major pain points in the product based on individual customer feedback, and understand how they affect product engagement, long term retention, and user experience.
  • Amplitude + Marketo: Marketing teams can better identify and focus their efforts on the content and channels that are most impactful on engagement, monetization, conversion, and retention.
  • Amplitude + Google Analytics: Growth teams can marry detailed, top of the funnel attribution and acquisition data on long-term user engagement, behavior, monetization, conversion, retention, and lifetime value.

“TWG empowers teams to make smarter, more informed decisions that will drive company growth. This is why we’re so excited about Amazon AppFlow and its integrations with a growing network of SaaS platforms that will give organizations more meaningful insights from their data ecosystems,” said Derek Watson, CTO of TWG. “Both Amazon AppFlow and Amplitude are focused on helping every team answer questions about their customer interactions. Better questions mean better decisions and better decisions drive growth.”

Amplitude’s product intelligence platform allows companies to extract actionable insights from customer data in order to provide optimized product experiences for the end-customer, including improved flexibility and data collection capabilities, increased accessibility for non-technical users, and better collaboration and data centrality for different functional teams.

To learn more about Amplitude, please visit Amplitude.com

Holly Langbein

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