Amplitude Announces Winners of its Inaugural Pioneer Awards

SAN FRANCISCO, January 19, 2021 — Amplitude, the leader in Product Intelligence, today announced the winners of its inaugural Pioneer Awards, which celebrate and recognize the companies and Amplitude customers driving digital transformation and business growth. As every company accelerates its transition to digital-first, the Pioneer Award winners highlight the leaders who harnessed the power of data to guide innovation and drive digital product excellence.

Amplitude’s 2020 Pioneer Award winners include:

  • The Data Culture Award: Mary Alfheim, recently the Product Analytics Lead, HBOMax, and Stefan Partin & Stefan Rijkaart, UX Research Data Scientists, Qualtrics, who each embraced and championed new, data-driven strategies and fostered customer-driven cultures within their respective organizations.
  • The Product Innovation Award: Josh Stephens, VP of Product, Current, and Miguel Navarro, Head of Voice and Emerging Platforms, TD Bank, each used the deep understanding of their customers provided by Amplitude to mobilize their teams to successfully build and launch new products.
  • The Product Impact Award: Rayen Magpantay, Product Manager, Atlassian, and Aarón Zajac, Customer Analytics and Optimization Analyst and Rosalba Nunez, Customer Analytics & Optimization Specialist, Volaris, uncovered new product and customer insights to deliver big outcomes and value for their business and its customers.
  • The Growth Architect Award: Chad Meeks, Manager of Data Products, Movies Anywhere, and Muhammed Qureshi, Data Analytics Architect, IBM, showcased growth leadership by providing their organization with complete, trustworthy, and actionable data throughout their business.

“Over the past year we have witnessed a tectonic shift, where digital-first is no longer a lofty goal, but a reality of business survival,” said Jennifer Johnson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Amplitude. “Our Pioneer Award winners are true leaders, innovators, and natural champions of this digital-first shift, demonstrating the power of product analytics to deeply understand the digital customer in new ways and translate customer value to business growth. We congratulate each of these winners as the gold standard for companies looking to make the digital-first leap.”

All Pioneer Award winners are given an opportunity to speak at Amplify 2021, the largest worldwide event for product and growth leaders, including complimentary event access and a winners’ celebration package.

To learn more about the award winners and stories visit the Amplitude blog.

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