Amplitude Analytics and Optimizely Partner to Help Customers Deliver Better Mobile Experiences

Amplitude Analytics, a mobile analytics provider that helps companies leverage data to create explosive user growth, announced today that it now integrates with Optimizely, the leading experience platform for A/B testing and personalization. With this partnership, Amplitude users will be able to track user behavior in Optimizely experiments and variations directly within their Amplitude analytics dashboard.

As soon as you launch an Optimizely experiment, results are populated in Amplitude within minutes. Amplitude tags each visitor with their Optimizely experiment and variation and ties these properties to a visitor’s actions. This makes it possible for customers to measure the impact of their experiment on the key metrics they already use Amplitude to monitor, including funnel conversions, retention rates, and more.

Last month, Amplitude announced that they are putting an end to volume-based pricing, which discourages product managers from tracking everything they need to fully understand user behavior. Amplitude’s new free plan provides 10 million monthly events for free — something that other analytics companies charge upwards of $1000 for. Product teams with higher event volumes can analyze billions of user events at a fraction of the cost of other mobile analytics vendors. Amplitude is also giving enterprises visibility into the Behavioral Layer of their application to reveal in-depth, dynamic user behavior patterns that lead to increased retention and engagement.

Amplitude’s CEO and co-founder Spenser Skates views the partnership between Amplitude and Optimizely as an opportunity to provide their users with the best mobile experience possible. “We are excited to build out our Optimizely integration and to be working together to provide our mutual customers with insights into the data they care about most,” he said. “Anyone that uses Amplitude’s behavioral analytics platform to track user actions in their app can also implement Optimizely experiments to pinpoint specific user behaviors that lead to increased retention.”

“Optimizely is committed to providing the leading experience optimization platform so that our customers can choose from any of the best of breed platforms available to work alongside Optimizely,” said Travis Bryant, VP of Sales and Partners at Optimizely. “We’re excited to have Amplitude join Optimizely’s partner ecosystem to help our customers deliver better experiences online.”

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