Amplitude Announces Lineup of Experts and Celebs for Inaugural Digital Disruptors Summit

SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2021 – Amplitude, the industry’s first Digital Optimization System, announces its inaugural Digital Disruptors Summit, the premier event for innovators and transformers who are shaping the world through disruptive digital products. The Summit will feature inspiring conversations with change makers who are breaking norms and starting movements, as well as educational content from leaders using the power of data and analytics to drive digital-first growth. The half-day virtual event will be held on June 3, 2021.

“Digital disruptors have reshaped all aspects of our lives — including the way we work, play, learn, buy, and even date,” said Jennifer Johnson, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Amplitude. “In this digital-first reality, the winners will be companies that understand their customers and use this knowledge to constantly measure, innovate, and adapt the focal point of their business, the digital product. The Digital Disruptors Summit will gather leading minds and industry peers to network and learn how to move beyond ‘digital experiences’ and become digital disruptors.”

Inspirational Conversations with Change Makers

The event will feature two exciting voices who are disrupting their industries and building their brands in a digital-first world: Ally Love, CEO/founder of Love Squad and an instructor at Peloton; and Bowen Yang, actor, writer, and producer at SNL. Join Ally as she discusses the disruptive power of community, and how she creates the space to celebrate and champion diversity in race and culture through conversation and sweat. Hear from Bowen as he takes the stage and dives into his path to Saturday Night Live, how the rapid shift to digital has transformed his work, and what it means to be disruptive in comedy.

Insights from Leading Global Brands

Attendees will hear from some of the world’s leading companies in their respective industries, sharing how they are using data and analytics across their organizations to answer the strategic question: “How do our digital products drive value for our business?” Speakers include Sue Cho, Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Calm; and Kevin Buehler, Senior Director, Frito-Lays North America Direct Commerce, PepsiCo.

The New System for Digital Disruptors

Building on its #1 digital product analytics solution, the Amplitude team will showcase Amplitude Recommend, its new personalization product, as well as unveil new innovations to the Digital Optimization System. The Digital Optimization System is the system for digital disruptors, empowering teams to optimize the business value of digital product innovation by connecting products to business outcomes.

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