Amplitude Launches Engage, A Behavioral Targeting Solution for Automated Campaign Personalization

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (August 14, 2019) – Amplitude, the product intelligence platform, launches Amplitude Engage to help teams power targeted campaigns with the insights and segments they derive from first-party behavioral data. Amplitude Engage dynamically syncs custom segments in Amplitude to in-app messaging and marketing platforms like Airship, Braze, Intercom, Marketo, and Facebook.

To break through in today’s noisy channels, companies need to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Investments in marketing platforms automate orchestration and delivery, but most campaigns still lack the context of users’ behavior. Companies are forced to make broad assumptions from demographic profiles because they cannot operationalize all the behaviors they want to — especially those that occur on owned platforms (websites, apps, help centers, and more).

With Amplitude Engage, companies can act on their first-party behavioral data by leveraging the power of Amplitude’s advanced analytics and segmentation tools to drive targeted campaigns in their marketing platforms.

“We have already seen Amplitude Engage revolutionize the way marketing and growth teams target campaigns across engagement channels,” said Spenser Skates, Co-founder and CEO of Amplitude. “Amplitude is excited to continue to develop the world’s leading product intelligence platform to help teams take intelligent actions using their data.”

Instead of big email blasts or catch-all push campaigns, companies use the context of users’ behavior to create timely, personalized communications to specific user segments. That means less spam for consumers and more efficient programs for marketers.

Amplitude with Amplitude Engage includes:

  • Behavioral segmentation for self-service access to the complete user journey to segment and validate audiences based on lifecycle, content preferences, usage or purchase history, and intent.
  • Dynamic targeting to instantly push audiences to in-app messaging and marketing platforms and/or set up scheduled syncs that automatically update to support programmatic campaigns.
  • Impact measurement to optimize for recurring business value by easily seeing campaign impact on usage frequency, repeat purchases, retention, and in-product conversion.

Amplitude Engage has built-in connectors to Airship, Braze, Facebook, Intercom, Iterable, Leanplum, Marketo, and Segment, with more on the way.

“The combination of Braze’s leading messaging experiences and Amplitude’s advanced behavioral segmentation will help companies drive better engagement and ROI,” said Braze President and CCO Myles Kleeger. “Amplitude Engage will provide our customers with meaningful and actionable insights inside of the Braze platform. The campaign interaction data will then flow back into Amplitude, informing future insights, and demonstrating the power of the Braze Alloy ecosystem.”

Already over 100 companies are powering targeted campaigns by leveraging the advanced segments they create in Amplitude.

“Better segmentation leads to better engagement,” said Emmanuel Frenehard, CTO at iflix. “With Amplitude Engage, iflix has improved campaign conversion-to-view rates and increased ad revenue four-fold by leveraging behavioural segmentation to target users. Engage has empowered us to execute highly targeted experiences and tune campaigns to drive impact.”

With Amplitude Engage companies are able to:

Programmatically target hundreds of customer segments – Flipp, a leading platform for digital retail circulars/ads, now seamlessly automates hundreds of personalized campaigns which has helped increase click-thru-rates by over 20%.

Reduce acquisition costs with tailored experiences – Rappi, South America’s largest on-demand delivery platform, has reduced acquisition costs 30% by tailoring push campaigns in Braze to customers in-product behavior.

Rapidly test new segments – Dave, a financial management platform, drove over 500,000 conversions to a new product by easily testing variations of customer segments — a process that now takes 5 seconds, instead of 5 days.

Measure campaign impact on revenue-producing outcomes – Rappi saw a 10% increase in orders from new users by optimizing campaign timing and messaging for first-time purchases.

Since the beginning of 2019, companies have already used Amplitude Engage to sync segments more than 550,000 times to their in-app messaging and marketing tools.

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