Amplitude Releases Portfolio to Help Enterprise Product Leaders Grow their Digital Businesses

Amplitude, the product analytics company, today announced Portfolio, an industry-first solution that will enable product leaders at Fortune 500 brands and large enterprises to optimize the customer experience across a product suite. By tracking user behavior and engagement across multiple digital applications, product teams can use Portfolio to see how customers are interacting with multiple applications so they can create better products, build deeper relationships with customers and grow their business.

Previously, enterprises with multiple digital products had to combine siloed data, rely on incomplete metrics or work with a central analytics team to merge data on a one-off basis. Product teams lacked a holistic understanding of their customers’ relationship with their product offerings. With Portfolio, user data across a company’s entire product suite is automatically synthesized in real-time, allowing multi-product companies like video-sharing technology platform Dailymotion and international media company Schibsted to understand customer behavior in a single view. Now, product leaders can see business critical KPIs such as engagement, retention, and conversion without needing time from analytics teams or engineers.

“Product teams have more influence than ever before and are responsible for important business metrics like revenue, customer engagement and long-term retention. And yet VPs of Product and Chief Digital Officers can’t see how their customers interact with their full product portfolio,” said Spenser Skates, CEO and Co-Founder of Amplitude. “Amplitude is on a mission to give these product leaders the tools they need to grow their business efficiently.”

Portfolio enables product leaders to:

  • Get a single click executive view on a company’s product health. Organizations can standardize metrics and benchmark KPIs between multiple products.
  • Optimize customers’ experience across a product portfolio. Companies can focus on and build cross-product experiences that drive incremental growth and revenue.
  • Understand how users retain and engage across applications. Product teams can visualize customers’ cross-product paths and track impact of features that span multiple products.

For example, Portfolio has given product leadership at Dailymotion, a global video-sharing site with 300 million monthly users, a clearer picture of the health of its platform. Executives can now see KPIs for the entire platform, in real-time, which helps the team make quick decisions and track towards business goals.

“Amplitude’s Portfolio has enabled us to very quickly compare retention for each platform – simplifying what was once a painful process to a single live dashboard,” said Rachel Wignall, Product Lead at Dailymotion. “This is more insightful and digestible for our management team, helping us focus on work that matters.”

See how Amplitude Portfolio can help your company today here.

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