Amplitude Launches Program To Help Startups Find Product Market Fit

Amplitude, the product analytics company, today announced a new program that offers seed stage startups a substantial scholarship for the company’s advanced product analytics platform. Using Amplitude, startups can better understand what features and user actions drive important metrics such as engagement and retention.

“All companies need powerful analytics tools to innovate quickly and build products people love. This is especially true for smaller companies that are trying to make it to the next stage,” said Amplitude co-founder and CEO Spenser Skates. “When I founded my first startup, there was no existing product analytics tool that could help me to understand user behavior in my app. That’s why I founded Amplitude. While we’ve recently focused on serving product analytics needs at large enterprises, we wanted to give more back to the startup community.”

Today’s most successful companies revolve around product, and product teams need to understand user behavior in order to improve the user experience, grow their customer base and drive business results. This is especially important for startups focused on getting customers to that “A-ha” moment where they fall in love with the product. Built by product enthusiasts for product teams at companies of all sizes, including innovative startups like Bonobos and Blue Apron and established enterprises like Microsoft and Adidas, Amplitude provides unprecedented insight into how customers are using digital products.

“I’ve tried every event-based analytics service I could get my hands on,” said Andrew Mason, Founder of Groupon and serial entrepreneur. “Amplitude is the best – the most powerful and the easiest to use, and they’re constantly coming out with new, super useful features and improvements. With this pricing option, I think Amplitude belongs in the essential toolkit for every new startup.”

Many businesses have used Amplitude as they’ve built and scaled their products. Letgo, one of the most popular shopping apps in the iOS app store, has relied on Amplitude since its early days. “Amplitude will help your business grow from day one. It makes life easier for every team, from product to marketing, and anyone can start running their own analysis in minutes,” said Iago Novoa, Head of Business Intelligence at Letgo. With 75 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, it’s one of the largest and fastest-growing apps to buy and sell locally.

Calm, Apple’s 2017 app of the year on iPhone, has also used Amplitude to build its popular app for mindfulness and meditation. “Using Amplitude since 2015 has helped us identify what drives retention in our app and grow our company 10x,” said Alex Tew, Calm’s co-founder and CEO. “Getting this level of behavioral analytics for this price is a no brainer for any startup.”

The new scholarship program offers seed stage startups 90 percent off the price of Amplitude’s enterprise-grade product analytics platform for the first 12 months. The plan includes best-in-breed behavioral reports powered by machine learning, which helps teams understand user behavior and engagement and identify what features drive retention. Accepted teams will be able to track and analyze up to 50 million user actions or events per month, with unlimited seats and unlimited data retention.

Startups not ready to apply for the full year program can still use Amplitude’s free plan, which offers the ability to track and analyze up to 10 million user actions per month with Amplitude’s core analytics functionality and unlimited dashboards.

“Seed stage startups should take advantage of Amplitude’s powerful solution,” said Hiten Shah, a startup advisor and investor who founded three companies including Kissmetrics. “It gives product teams the ability to dive deep into user behavior without spending limited engineering resources on analytics infrastructure.”

Seed stage startups interested in applying for the program can find more information here.

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