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Product Analytics For Dummies

Getting started with product analytics has never been easier. Learn how to confidently navigate product analytics, build products customers love, and grow your business with Product Analytics For Dummies.

Product Analytics For Dummies

Cultivate a culture of collaboration

With self-service product analytics, teams can answer questions as they arise, conducting exploratory analysis and experimentation at any time. They can also easily share their insights, inspiring others to conduct their own tests. And they can work with teams across their organization to move the metrics that drive their shared goals.

Product and marketing analytics dashboard

Ask better questions

Product analytics are a powerful tool, but they’re only useful if you know what questions to ask. The data they yield forms the bedrock of your product analytics and helps shape your customers’ product experiences.

Using AI to build a funnel analysis chart

Track metrics that matter

Product metrics show how users interact with your product, allowing you to better understand what users find helpful, what keeps them coming back, and the best way to turn them into loyal customers. But not all metrics are equal. Knowing which ones to use is essential to making the most of your data.

Amplitude data tables

Build a strong data foundation

By focusing on the data that matters most, teams can achieve success sooner and avoid unnecessary risks. Once you have determined what to track, you can identify your product’s various data sources and use pipelines to funnel that data into your product analytics tool.

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