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The Product Report 2022

Exclusive Amplitude data reveals the trends, industries, strategies, and products dominating the digital landscape, including the 30 Next Hottest Products around the world.

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Product continues to grow post-digital disruption

Despite a turbulent economic environment, Amplitude’s data shows digital activity across industries continued to climb last year. Use of digital products rose by 16% between August 2021 and August 2022.

Product report 2022 overview showing Product Usage is Up 16% YoY

HR, staffing & job searching products surge

Adoption of digital HR products—including job search platforms, people management software, and payroll and benefit applications—skyrocketed to 118% growth over the past year. That number—the biggest surge in growth of any industry we analyzed—tells the story of a labor market in flux.

Amplitude Product Report 2022: Growth of HR, Staffing & Job Searching Products

The Next Hottest Products

Last year, we leveraged Amplitude data to share our predictions for the 20 Next Hottest Products around the globe. This year, we’re back with 30 products that drove massive growth in monthly active users.

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10 Next Hottest: North America

Our list of the Next Hottest Products in North America reflects two themes that run throughout this year’s report: the resilience of the SaaS industry and the burgeoning growth of the healthtech and wellness categories.

10 Next Hottest: Europe

The Next Hottest Products in Europe list spans a wide gamut of industries including SaaS, “buy now, pay later,” and fintech. Notably, three companies that make the list offer solutions for travel; they are poised to soar as the world opens back up.

10 Next Hottest: Asia-Pacific

As with our list of the Next Hottest Products in Europe, our Asia-Pacific list offers a broad range of services and solutions. Fintech emerged as an especially bright spot, with four companies in that category.

How did these products achieve such high growth?

Download the report to see more input and advice from the Next Hottest Products.

Seamless integrations
Seamless integrations

"Finding opportunities to integrate with other apps and services is a great way to improve usability. For example, building a smooth AppClip experience for our iOS users enabled us to drive growth through our integration with Apple Maps. Making the first touchpoint of the customer journey seamless through an AppClip helped drive our app growth significantly."

- Product Manager Guillaume Chevrat

Product-led growth
Product-led growth

“Instead of approaching sales as a linear, human-driven process, we've built the buyer's journey directly into Pitch. We believe in giving access to innovation up front, and helping new users find value quickly and easily, so they can skip directly from interest to action, onboard their teammates, and upgrade to our premium tier when they’re ready—all without our involvement.”

- President Nicholas Mills

Improved user onboarding
Improved user onboarding

"We took a new look at our user onboarding and how we were tackling the cold start problem for users—a problem which is exacerbated in the sphere of live content. We utilized Amplitude Experiment to compare different FTUE approaches. The data from this experiment helped us improve conversion rates by 12.5% and go from a category-led onboarding to a creator-led onboarding, which we continue to utilize to date."

- Founder Anirudh Pandita

Industry trends in a digital world

This year, we analyzed product growth across 12 industries. Here's a preview of that data.

The continued growth of SaaS demonstrated in this report suggests that fears of a SaaS collapse may be overblown. After modest growth in late 2021, usage of SaaS products rose to its high point in March 2022. Adoption slowed in the following months before ticking up again in late summer to land at 25% over the baseline.


Driving growth is top of mind for businesses today

Our survey of product and growth professionals revealed that businesses are taking a hard look at where to invest—and where to cut back.


Worry about an increase in customer churn


Feel moderately or less equipped to shift product strategy

“In an economic downturn, growth efficiency matters more than pure growth rate.”

Harry Qi
Co-Founder & CEO

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