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Discover how the the Digital Optimization System can help you define your product strategy and build products that drive business outcomes. Explore our latest webinars, demos, playbooks and more.

Your Path to Digital Optimization Starts Here.

The goal of Digital Optimization is to use product strategy, analytics and measurement and personalization and experimentation to optimize your digital products. Check out the resources below to learn how to create and track against your key business imperatives like engagement, retention and activation.

Product Strategy & Planning Resources

7 Things Every Product Leader Should Know About the North Star Metric

Advice from product leaders about defining a North Star Metric and generating buy-in across an organization.

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The North Star Playbook

Our North Star Framework helps your team establish a leading indicator of sustainable growth and connects your digital product data to the entire business.

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5 Truths of Building a Product Launch Strategy

Set up your product for success from launch day and beyond.

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Personalization & Experimentation Resources

3 Strategies to Improve Your Customer Retention Rate

How to drive retention with new and current users.

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Optimize Your Engagement Playbook

Learn how to master great user engagement, go in-depth on engagement loops, stickiness, activation and see examples from some of today’s most engaging products.

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Optimize Your Retention Playbook

Your go-to guide to leveraging user behavior in order to understand and improve retention.

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Product Analytics & Measurement

Compare Top Analytics Solutions

G2, the leading independent software review site, helps you compare Product Analytics solutions and see ratings and reviews directly from hundreds of users.

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Watch an Amplitude Demo

See product analytics in action by watching a quick demo.

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“The Big Idea” White Paper from Constellation

Read the new approach to technology, design, deployment and continuous optimization of digital products and customer experiences from Constellation Research.

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How Product Leaders are Driving Optimization

Hear how product leaders use digital optimization to answer strategic questions about how customers use their products and understand how to use these insights to maximize business outcomes.

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