Build what’s best for your users

Uncover what users do in your product and enable teams to build digital products grounded in deep customer empathy.

“Amplitude allows us to move faster, experiment quicker, and understand our users better to take more immediate action to improve our customer experience.”

Josh Snow

Vice President of Product

Analytics to track experiences, not pageviews

Amplitude gives you sight into rich customer and product usage data, making it possible to build product experiences your users need and love.

Know who you’re building for

  • Analyze the breadth and depth of your customer journey Visualize your end-to-end customer experience, and uncover what drives new users to become high value customers.
  • Next-level behavioral cohorting Group users defined by their actions within a specific time period and segment with unprecedented flexibility.
  • Personas backed by data Determine your product’s user personas with powerful tools that group users into clusters based on behaviors and outcomes.



increase in user engagement and 4x time spent in product.

“Amplitude has saved us months of engineering investments into understanding user behavior in our products. This platform greatly reduces the barrier to data analysis.”

Gooi Chungheong

Principal Engineering Manager

Remove points of friction

  • See where users drop-off and convert Track funnel conversions, user flows, and event volumes to uncover what users are doing in your product.
  • Spot anomalies & bugs Core metrics fluctuate and things break. Automatically surface statistically significant deviations in product usage.
  • Find, and build, the happy path See the top common paths users can take to convert and complete workflows.


increase in gross donation volume with UI changes

“Amplitude is a powerful product intelligence platform that will empower your product managers to self-serve and, in turn, allow you to make better and faster product decisions.”

Ran Chen

Head of Consumer Product

Beyond just core KPIs

  • Monitor who uses what, and how often Breakdown growth of any interaction, feature, or product by new, current, resurrected, and dormant users.
  • Unprecedented segmentation Divide users into groups with simple or complex formulas, compare different user groups, save user groups, and create inline cohorts.
  • Find signals, not noise Not just daily active users or user growth, but find why numbers are growing or decreasing with built in intelligence and trend analysis.



App for meditation and sleep, and 2017 Apple App Store Best App of the Year

"We use Amplitude to track top line metrics, but the real power of it is going deep.”

Alex Tew


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