Amplitude vs. Adobe Analytics

Web analytics can only get you so far. To truly understand the full customer journey, try Amplitude.

Amplitude vs. Adobe Analytics

Why teams pick Amplitude

Your digital products can make or break your customer relationships. Don’t settle for legacy web analytics when Amplitude delivers easy-to-use marketing and product insights—in one platform.


Full view of the customer journey

Cost efficient

Open ecosystem

Easy self-service and adoption

Strong data governance

Bulit-in ML and AI

Best-in-class support

Adobe Analytics

Built to monitor web traffic and pageviews

High costs to license, implement, and maintain

Closed ecosystem

Requires specialized expertise to use

Lacks data governance

Limited AI tacked on

Inconsistent customer support

“We had been an Adobe shop forever…We’ve evolved into a digital company, and we needed tools that would support our organization as it grew more diverse and complex.”

Senior Technical Product Manager
Leading digital media network

Amplitude is the Adobe Analytics alternative you need

Find out how Amplitude and Adobe Analytics compare, what pitfalls to avoid, and why Amplitude’s all-in-one Digital Analytics Platform makes sense.

Amplitude is the Adobe Analytics alternative you need

Leading digital teams trust Amplitude


FINN switched from Adobe Analytics to Amplitude and experienced record adoption.


Canal+ increased conversion by 3x.


IBM reduced time to conversion by 20%

Migrate from Adobe Analytics with ease

Migrating from a legacy analytics platform like Adobe Analytics can seem daunting—but with Amplitude’s plans, frameworks, and expertise, it doesn’t have to be.

Expertise to get you going

Work with a trusted partner or Amplitude’s professional services to design and implement your tailor-made migration plan.

Proven migration resources

From alignment to adoption, our frameworks and guides ensure a seamless transition and smooth change management.

Team enablement

Whether it’s on-demand courses, instructor-led training, or detailed guides, we’ll get your team fluent in Amplitude fast.

Affordable pricing

We offer plans to match your goals. Add features as you grow, or get all the tools you need at once.

Bring teams together with Amplitude

Amplitude offers one open platform for data-driven insights and actions for every team to up their game.

Go beyond acquisition to build customers for life.

Right now, every marketing dollar matters. Amplitude gives marketers self-service insights into which campaigns, channels, and customer segments are the most valuable so you can maximize lifetime value.

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Unlock the power of digital analytics

Discover why traditional web analytics don’t cut it in today’s digital world—and how Amplitude can help.

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