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A new digital era calls for new digital analytics.

Web analytics solutions are things of the past. Why? Because digital behaviors are too complex, and the measurements that your team needs to track have evolved.

That’s why teams are quickly switching from web to product analytics to measure the impact of their digital products.

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Top reasons why teams are picking web product analytics.

The metrics and digital journey have changed.

Teams must connect the first interaction and acquisition to downstream metrics like customer engagement, retention, and lifetime value.

Now’s the moment to get implementations right.

Analytics is moving to event-based tracking, and data quality is critical – yet legacy tools have failed to deliver the data governance necessary.

Marketing and product are converging.

The organizations and their success metrics need to work together within one analytics solution to understand user engagement and behavior.

You need more than just web analytics.

Move from measuring and targeting digital experiences on the surface to measuring them at
the core of value creation: the digital journey
and the product experience.

See your Google Analytics in Amplitude in a few clicks.

Using Google Tag Manager? No problem! Try Amplitude Analytics Template, which allows easy implementation of Amplitude’s website tracking code. Amplitude built the template in collaboration with Google Evangelist Simo Ahava. 

You can start sending your GA data elements and get started on Amplitude.

Why Amplitude?

More than 1000 customers, including 23+ Fortune 100 companies, are actively using Amplitude right now. Why? Because it answers the questions that web analytics has failed to deliver.

Conversion Drivers

Access to entire user journeys in real-time—going beyond page views—to understand why users do what they do.

Govern 1.0

Track users across hundreds of apps, web properties, or digital experiences, guaranteeing data trust.

Team Spaces

Everyone can access insights in shared workspaces and dashboards, so no one operates in the dark.

Experiment Allocation

Scale product data and experiment to create 1:1 personalized experiences—all in one solution.

G2 Badges

“Coming from a Google Analytics background, Amplitude gives way more degrees of granularity and configuration when it comes to implementing your user journey analysis (a.k.a. funnel analysis)”

“Best tool to use to capture detailed analytics—much better than Google Analytics.” 

Don’t take our word for it.

Here are blogs by HBR and Bottle Rocket uncovering why teams should pick product analytics over web analytics.

HBR: Making the Leap to a Digital-First Enterprise.

Harvard finds Product Analytics #1 for measurement.

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Amplitude + Bottle Rocket

Why Teams Should Bet on Consumer Behaviors.

Bottle Rocket uncovers why companies should invest in product analytics & behavioral data capabilities.

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G2 Product Analytics Software Report.

Find out why G2 ranks Amplitude as a leading provider of digital product intelligence to thousands of product managers, marketers, and developers.

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Want to learn more?

Here’s what we recommend to start.

Let’s get technical.

Built for scale and complexity of digital products.

Meet our customers.

Get why 1000+ customers have partnered with Amplitude.

Watch more demos.

See Amplitude in action providing customer insights.

Why Amplitude.

More answers, more results for your digital business.

Additional Resources.

 Resources on web and product analytics differentiations.

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