Build experiences that drive repeat purchases

Product intelligence helps teams understand shoppers’ needs so they can build personalized experiences that increase loyalty.


"Amplitude has 5x-ed our AB testing velocity, allowing us to make better decisions, faster. Through cross-functional collaboration, we’ve optimized our acquisition funnels, and significantly reduced our customer acquisition costs.”

Amol Sogal

Sr. Director, Mobile Product

Don't leave money on the (digital) table

Amplitude gives Ecommerce businesses instant insights into what’s working—and what’s not—so teams can make meaningful changes that increase profits.

Proven to increase purchases

  • Understand dropoff in secondsIn just two clicks, identify the differences in behaviors of users who convert versus those who don’t.
  • Ensure your message is motivatingUse first-party behavioral data to understand if your campaigns are driving customer loyalty.
  • Accelerate new users to complete their first purchaseIdentify the milestones that drive users to complete their first, second, and future purchases.


Uplift in first-time orders

“We looked at a bunch of different analytics tools, and Amplitude was the closest to how we wanted to look at metrics. The segmentation by user properties is also the best we’ve seen.”

Fareed Mosavat

Consumer Growth Product Manager

Cultivate strong customer relationships

  • Identify your shoppers’ greatest needs, not just their demographicsIdentify key user segments by their behaviors.
  • Use intent as motivationLearn what behaviors signal opportunities for cross-sells and upsells.
  • Show your customers you understand themTarget customers at the right time with personalized offerings based on their needs and behaviors.


Decrease in customer acquisition cost

“Amplitude Engage makes it easy to deliver relevant, targeted campaigns to our entire user base. As a result, we’ve been able to reduce our acquisition costs by 30% while also increasing first-time orders by 10%. We could not have achieved those results without Amplitude Engage.”

Guillermo Plaza Roche

Co-Founder & Product Lead

Make smart omnichannel investments

  • Invest in the most impactful channelsSee which channels not only drive conversion, but attract high value customers and repeat purchases.
  • Connected experiences create loyalty Analyze the customer journey between channels, platforms, and experiences.
  • Maximize customer retentionPinpoint the behaviors and drivers of your best cohorts, and design experience to create more loyal customers


Increase in purchases

“We have a page that lists all of our upcoming recipes. We did not think many people visited this page prior to signing up, but we realized the Recipes page actually had a higher percentage of traffic than we expected.”

Walker Fullerton

Product Manager of Growth

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