Build products that make money

Product intelligence helps teams create better product experiences that lead to increased transactions and long-term loyalty.


“Amplitude provides speed of execution. We were able to 11x the number of tests run in a quarter. The fact that we drive value for our customers and PayPal faster is invaluable.”

Kash Baghaei

Senior Director of Product

Faster, smarter paths to grow your share of wallet

With Amplitude, the leading fintech companies gain the insights they need to acquire the right kind of users and retain them for years to come.

Proven to increase transactions

  • Activate acquired users—quickly Identify which experiences drive users to activate and make their first transaction.
  • Maximize transaction size Understand the impact of your product and marketing on transactions’ sizes.
  • Personalize your offerings for impact Increase transaction frequency with personalized offerings for user segments.


Increase in invoices paid on time & associated revenue

"Product intelligence is not simply reporting numbers. It’s about helping the business make measurably better decisions."

John Humphrey

Head of Data Science and Analytics

Optimize lifetime customer value

  • Know users needs and preferences, not just demographics Identify key user segments by their behaviors, then personalize your product to meet their needs.
  • Increase your share of wallet Identify behavioral signals for cross-sell and upsell products in your portfolio.

  • Customize user experiences Target the right customers at the right time with personalized offerings based on their risk level and financial health.


Increase in gross donation volume

“Amplitude changed the way we operate. It has made my team and I so much more data-driven in how we think, in how we work. If you make more data-driven decisions, you make better decisions.”

Ran Chen

Head of Consumer Product

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