Know what to build next

With product intelligence, your teams will improve product experiences faster, measure impact, and visualize end-to-end user journeys.

Build product faster
Build product faster

Move fast and drive outcomes with less reliance on data science & analytics to get answers your team needs.

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Measure impact

Get immediate insight into the impact of new releases and campaigns on user experience and key metrics.

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Make smarter bets

Find your next hypothesis and roadmap feature based on real-life, real-time customer data.

Visibility and agility product teams demand

Limit costly missteps and free data science time while accelerating execution of best-in-class digital experiences.

Ship the best experiences, faster

  • Real-time, self-service insights No more bottlenecks to answers that enable your team to make product strategy and day-to-day decisions.
  • Closed-loop workflows Drill-in, cohort, save, sync, share, link – teams choose Amplitude because of no dead-ends or detours to getting work done.
  • Integrations for continuous delivery Engage enables product and marketing teams to do full-circle tracking, analysis, and engagement across digital products and channels.
Ship the best experiences, faster

2 min

To answer behavioral questions instead of 2 weeks and 33% decrease in required development resources



Conversion uplift from experiments that helped their users get paid



For PMs and engineers to find the data they need for critical decisions


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“The speed of decision-making and the quality of the conversation have definitely changed with Amplitude. We’re saving a lot on opportunity costs.”

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Joriz De Guzman
Product Manager for Growth and Strategy

Impact metrics that matter

  • A/B test results with significance Measure and test hypotheses for user conversion, conversion over time, and see the statistical impact of A/B tests.
  • Increase your share of wallet Identify behavioral signals for cross-sell and upsell products in your portfolio.
  • Analyze trends in usage Identify whether a change is truly meaningful, study seasonal trends, understand drivers of conversion, and monitor the impact of releases.
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“Every test we run, we always start with Amplitude.”

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Maura Church
Head of Data Science

Map the user journey

  • Cross-product, cross-device Powerful identity resolution helps you see users’ complete experience with all your digital products and across any devices.
  • More than a flow diagram Connect fragmented events into visualized journeys that layer in key metrics to discover where to improve your user experience.
  • Uncover critical milestones Pinpoint the critical milestones in the customer journey that drive new users to become high-value customers.
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“Amplitude has provided actionable data we didn’t even think about. It helped us properly plan expensive infrastructure deployment rapidly and solve significant user issues. It simply saved us.”

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Emil Ivov
Head of Product, Video Collaboration

Resources to improve your product experience

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