Set product strategy for growth

Track a clear product North Star metric to align the team on strategy, communicate the product organizations’ impact and progress to the rest of the company, and hold PMs accountable to growing business outcomes.


Instantly visualize how users engage with your product.

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Measure the impact of experiments and test new ideas.

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Increase the speed of decisions and innovation to grow.

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"Amplitude is one of those tools I couldn't live without. It mixes fantastic technical capabilities with great people—a rare quality that makes the tool all the more unique and powerful in our stack."

Austin Hay, Founder, HBE Ventures

Learn how Cisco uses Amplitude to drive growth

Everyone from startups to Fortune 100 companies use Product Analytics to inform and execute their product strategy. Companies like Cisco have adopted a modern product stack with Amplitude at its foundation to execute a data-driven product strategy. This helps them experiment and personalize their digital businesses to accelerate growth.

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Amplitude helps teams build better products


Democratize access to product data and metrics with easy-to-use and collaborative analytics.


Utilize behavioral reporting to see how users interact with your product.


Get instant, meaningful insights into what is and isn't working with a real-time platform.


Improve critical metrics like conversion and retention to drive revenue and impact for your company.