Amplitude ROI Guidebook

Nucleus Research conducted an in-depth ROI analysis on Amplitude customers across six industries to understand how our product intelligence platform impacted their business performance

Amplitude ROI Guidebook

Better Decisions Lead to Massive Returns

Product intelligence improves your decision-making. Instead of operating in the dark, you can immediately see the impact your product bets have on the customer experience. You quickly home in on what works and discard what doesn’t.

With Amplitude’s product intelligence solution, companies get the information they need to make smart decisions. Marketing teams send highly personalized and targeted campaigns, product teams quickly iterate on feature releases, and analyst teams have confidence in their data quality. The result: maximal growth with minimal cost.

That sounds abstract, so we went in search of hard numbers. Nucleus’s research found that, on average, Amplitude customers saw a 655% ROI, with a low of 130% and a high of 1386%. Factors contributing to that ROI included increased revenue, reduced software costs, and reinvested employee time weighed against the total cost of Amplitude ownership.

Better Decisions Lead to Massive Returns

Amplitude Improves Business KPIs including Conversion, Retention, and Engagement

  • Increase Purchase Conversion RateAccelerated experimentation helps businesses optimize the customer experience for conversion. Amplitude customers have a 46% average bump in their purchase conversion rate.
  • Grow Revenue Per OrderCompanies using Amplitude gain a granular understanding of what their customers like and what they don’t, leading to more customized and targeted campaigns. Our customers see 42% more revenue per order on average.
  • Improve Monthly New User GrowthWith Amplitude, businesses develop a better understanding of their customer base, fine-tuning their product launches and marketing campaigns to maximize ROI. With tools to predict customer behavior, companies see increases in monthly new users ranging from 53% to 350% over a multiyear period.
Amplitude Improves Business KPIs including Conversion, Retention, and Engagement

Product Intelligence Helps Employees Do Their Best Work

Amplitude helps increase employee productivity, regardless of the industry or product type, because they save time on reporting and data analysis.

Nontechnical users can easily surface insights with Amplitude without needing to rely on a data scientist. On average, analysts get back 66% of the time typically spent helping business stakeholders with reporting and project set up. With more room in their schedule, they can focus on projects that drive business value.

In addition to increasing overall employee productivity by 80% on average, companies using Amplitude also see an increase in employee retention. Workers are often more fulfilled when they can spend their time solving important challenges and see how their work affects business outcomes.

Product Intelligence Helps Employees Do Their Best Work

One Amplitude customer saved over $1 million in losses by quickly identifying and addressing security risks.



Average increase revenue per order


Months average payback period


From 53 to

Increase in monthly new users

The net present value (NPV) of an Amplitude deployment ranged from about $90,000 to nearly $4 million. The average NPV is almost $1.6 million.

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