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5 Cognitive Biases Ruining Your Growth

This is a guest post by Alex Birkett, Growth Marketer, ConversionXL.

ConversionXL, the leading authority on conversion optimization, recently launched their own master academy – ConversionXL Institute. It features a full-suite conversion optimization course designed to bring you from zero to hero (and the certification to prove it). Sign up now and start increasing revenues/sign-ups/conversions today!

As data-driven as we try to be, all organizations are essentially and necessarily human-driven. And humans, naturally, are riddled with irrationality and biases.

No one is exempt. And while you can’t totally avoid biases, just being aware of them and vigilant can help you mitigate the downsides. Besides, if you’re not aware that you’re biased, that’s simply your Bias Blind Spot.

The biggest problem with biases is that they work under the radar. You can think you’re making data-driven decisions while totally messing up. This is bad because your confidence increases even while driving decisions based on inaccurate inferences.

So to help you recognize some of the most common biases that afflict analytics, optimization, and growth, we’ll outline five biases and what to do about them. They are as follows:

  1. The Narrative Fallacy
  2. Confirmation Bias
  3. Dunning-Kruger Effect
  4. Backfire Effect
  5. Bandwagon Effect

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What We Learned About SaaS Sites From 30 Hours Of User Testing Data

This article comes excerpted from Hiten Shah’s SaaS DNA Project: The Anatomy of a SaaS Marketing Site, a 30,000+ word research study on how users actually browse and experience SaaS marketing sites.

Hiten Shah has built products on the web for over 10 years, including Crazy Egg, KISSmetrics, and now Quick Sprout. He breaks down everything he’s learned about building companies in his weekly email newsletter here.

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Companies Over-Invest in Acquisition Marketing, Under-Invest in Retention Marketing

This is a guest post by Kat Sherbo, Senior Content Manager at Appboy.

Last month, Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates told us why Companies Overspend on Marketing, Underspend on Product, and explained why that’s a dangerous situation.

Let’s add a bit to the story. Marketing spends, of course, can cover different kinds of initiatives. And retention marketing (as compared to acquisition marketing), is a huge part of the growth equation, right alongside product development.

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Deep Linking’s Role in the Mobile Growth Engine

This is a guest post by Rosalia Quam-Wickham, Marketing & Operations, Branch Metrics. 

So you have an amazing idea for an app, but where do you start? How do you make your brainchild into a reality? You’ve heard about “deep linking,” but what actually is it and why does it matter in the mobile app world? Well we’re here to teach you the basics, so let’s get down to it.

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Setting Up Conversion Funnels for A/B Testing Growth

This guest post is written by Nancy Hua, CEO of Apptimize

Let’s talk about mobile conversion funnels

If you want to have an amazing app, it’s not enough to track only individual events. You need to string the events into conversion funnels to really tell a story about what users are and are not doing in your app. Continue reading

Question the Data: How to Ask The Right Questions To Get Actionable Insights

This is a guest post by Daisy Qin, a digital strategist at Nuvango.

Data: you’re probably collecting it, but are you maximizing its potential? Just possessing the raw information isn’t super useful; value has to be coaxed out through analysis. The data won’t give you any answers that you don’t ask for. So how do we come up with the right guiding questions?

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