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Release Notes: February 2018

This product update includes new features to:

  1. Make it easier to look up existing charts, and to know if they’re credible.
  2. Enhance productivity, so you can do more in fewer clicks.
  3. Improve the Taxonomy add-on.

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Chart output showing total revenue formatted as a currency.

You can now do Revenue Data Analysis in the Event Segmentation chart

Starting in February 2018, the Revenue Analysis chart type will no longer be supported. 

In an effort to simplify our chart creation experience, we’re consolidating the functionality of the Revenue Analysis chart into the most popular chart – Event Segmentation! Existing Revenue Analysis charts will still be functional but we encourage you to do new revenue-related analysis in the Event Segmentation chart.

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Amplitude November Release Notes

Release Notes: November

What’s new in Amplitude? Release Notes is our monthly update that highlights the new features and product improvements we’ve made, so you can stay up to date on what’s new. Here’s what we launched in November.

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Release Notes: October

Happy October! In this product update, you will find information on:

  • New Features
    • 45-Day Free Trial of Amplitude SQL
    • Dashboards: Public Links
    • Paste CSVs in Dropdowns and Select All
    • Event Volume Quota Metrics
    • Behavioral Cohorts: Property Sum
    • Event Segmentation: Outlier Detection
  • Feature Improvements
    • Event Segmentation: Configurable Period-over-Period
    • Engagement Matrix: Where and Group By Filters
    • Improved Save Chart UX
  • SDK Updates
  • Resources
    • Product Analytics Playbook: Mastering Retention
    • Amplitude Online Seminar Series

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amplitude taxonomy instrumentation

The Foundation for Great Analytics is a Great Taxonomy

Behind every great piece of user behavior analysis is a great event taxonomy – the collection of events and properties you use to define actions your users can take within your product. Think of the event taxonomy as the foundation for all future analysis you’ll do with your analytics platform. It’s crucial to get right. And from what we’ve learned working with thousands of customers, instrumenting and maintaining a clean and consistent taxonomy is also one of the most challenging steps to successfully leveraging a product analytics tool. Continue reading

Amplitude enterprise product analytics

Launching Four New Product Offerings 🎉

What Amplitude’s Product Team has been up to these last 6 months

At Amplitude, we believe that we are entering the dawn of a new era; an era where rapid product innovation is the single most important driver of success for every company. We call this the product-led era, and to win in this era you must be obsessed about your customer’s pain and decentralize decision making to ship great products fast. For Amplitude’s product team, it also means helping our customers innovate faster.

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