Release Notes: June

Time Zone Support, HTML Email Reports, REST API Update, and Javascript SDK v3.0

1) Time Zone Support

You can now change the time zone of an Amplitude app in the app’s settings page. A time zone change will impact all Amplitude users and event queries, including theREST API. Changes are also applied retroactively and immediately.

Please note that event ingestion will continue to be in UTC, so a time zone change will not impact the HTTP API, and only Admins can access the app’s settings page and modify the time zone.


Read more about your app’s settings here.

2) Dashboard HTML Email Reports

Note 1: Dashboards are now available on our Starter plan.
Note 2: Dashboard Email Reports are only available on the Enterprise plan.

You now receive dashboard email reports in HTML format, as seen in the image below. This allows you to navigate directly to the dashboard or graph from the email report.


Read more about Dashboards here.

3) REST API Update

For Events Segmentation queries, you can now export up to 15,000 rows via the REST API.
Read the REST API documentation here.

4) SDK Updates

We highly recommend that you update your SDKs to the latest versions:

Amplitude-JavaScript 3.0.0
Since v2.12.1:

  • Added support for logging events to multiple Amplitude apps. Note this is a major update, and may break backwards compatibility.Read here for me details.
  • Init callback now passes the Amplitude instance as an argument to the callback function.
  • Updated our fork of UAParser.js from v0.7.7 to v0.7.10. This will improve the resolution of user agent strings to device and OS information.

Amplitude-Android 2.7.2
Since v2.7.1:

  • Added documentation for SDK functions, found here.
  • Bug fixes.

Amplitude-iOS 3.7.0

  • Added documentation for SDK functions, found here.
  • No updates since last product email.

5) Questions?

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to You can find previous release notes here.

Lastly, we’d appreciate your feedback on our product email updates. Please let us know what’s working well or what you’d like to see improved through this form, thank you!

  • I’ve got one suggestion for your Timezone support.

    We at LiveChat provide a number of reports to our customers from 140 different countries. What we’ve seen is that defining a timezone once in the settings leads to confusing reports for some use-cases, such as: travelling and forgetting about changing the timezone, or people from different timezones working in the same team.

    The solution that works fine for our customers is that we detect the timezone on the fly in the browser (I suggest Moment Timezone library: It lets us show reports in the accurate timezone for all use-cases without a need to configure the timezone manually.

    Hope it helps!