Scaling Digital Experiences with Amplitude and AppsFlyer Audiences

Announcing Appsflyer's new Audiences integration with Amplitude.

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March 9, 2022
Image of Pavel Dimshiz
Pavel Dimshiz
Senior Product Marketing Manager

For a growing number of brands today, mobile apps are becoming the center of digital experiences. Whether it’s a streaming service, messaging platform, or a workflow collaboration tool, these apps are now the foundation of the user experience we’ve come to expect.

Especially in mobile, interactions within the app can tell a very compelling story about its users — from their overall engagement with the app to their reaction to new features and offerings. This data is valuable, and for the marketing teams involved, it’s an opportunity to put this new data to the test.

At the intersection of product analytics and marketing analytics, marketers can find answers to many business-critical questions such as:

  • “What are the best marketing channels for highly engaged users?”
  • “Which user segments are more likely to engage with a new marketing campaign?”
  • “How do we maximize our users’ lifetime value based on their app engagement?”

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new Audiences integration with Amplitude — allowing marketing and product teams to leverage this unique data in their marketing initiatives, craft better messages for their users, and easily scale their activity across multiple channels and platforms.

Why product analytics is essential for marketers

Even the largest enterprises undergoing digital transformation are doubling down on their app experience, and for a good reason. User-level data is scarce these days, and brands are looking for ways to make the most of their first-party data.

Product analytics is an excellent example of how first-party data can be used in marketing, as it encapsulates user behaviors and how they interact with your product. By adding this data into the mix, marketers can achieve better outcomes – whether improving their targeting or providing more personalized experiences.

Gaining a deeper understanding of customers and their interactions with your app should be at the core of every marketing initiative.

Integrating product data into your marketing strategy

Amplitude enables this by collecting product data such as feature adoption and engagement, purchases, and conversions, then transforming them into behavioral data.

This data is aggregated into Behavioral Cohorts, which are similar to AppsFlyer’s Audiences Segments, resulting in groups of users with similar behaviors.


With the help of the new integration, mutual customers of Amplitude and AppsFlyer can export Behavioral Cohorts from Amplitude directly into our Audiences tool — and utilize them in their marketing campaigns across multiple channels.


The seamless combination of both data sources results in unique and granular user segments that can be leveraged for targeted remarketing campaigns and a variety of other use cases using AppsFlyer Audiences.

Creating personalized digital experiences at scale

Once your Amplitude Cohort is imported to AppsFlyer Audiences, you can connect it to a vast ecosystem of paid media and owned media partners, measure its performance with advanced analytics and incrementality experiments, and apply privacy policies and data governance practices directly from the AppsFlyer platform.

All of the above are critical components in achieving successful engagements with customers, regardless of the industry you’re operating in or your business goals.

Here is how you can leverage these Audiences features to maximize your marketing efforts:

  1. Engaging users on multiple platforms and channels – Audiences offers over 70 out-of-the-box integrations covering a wide range of media channels and verticals. With leading partners including Facebook, Snap, TikTok, Google, and Braze seamlessly integrated, marketers can easily scale their reach and connect with their users on both paid and owned media channels. These integrations are a powerful addition to any marketing strategy and can help brands, big or small, maximize reach and achieve their goals faster and more effectively.
  2. Measuring the incremental impact of new marketing campaigns – Audiences comes with a built-in incrementality testing tool that makes running experiments easy. You can split your imported Amplitude Cohort to control and test groups and compare their performance side-by-side. Combined with granular Campaign Analytics, marketers can quickly see the impact their audience has on campaign performance and make adjustments to their targeting.
  3. Maintaining data governance and enabling privacy compliance – Audiences is a privacy-driven product that offers marketing teams various tools to control and oversee their own compliance. Whether it’s limiting the data sent to partners or the ability to exclude users who opted out from seeing your ads, these requirements are no longer a hurdle. They can be easily managed from the Audiences dashboard.

“This new integration capability between Amplitude and AppsFlyer will allow marketers to leverage their first-party data to create rich audiences that power performance and organic marketing initiatives. The ability to uncover segments of users with high lifetime value based on their behaviors and send them to AppsFlyer at the click of a button — really changes the game.” – Dan Stephen, Director of Partnerships at Amplitude

Get started with AppsFlyer and Amplitude

Interested in leveraging Amplitude’s behavioral data in your next marketing campaign? This integration is available to all AppsFlyer customers with an active Audiences subscription.

Reach out or request a demo to learn more about how this integration can help you drive results.

About the Author
Image of Pavel Dimshiz
Pavel Dimshiz
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Pavel is a Product Marketer at AppsFlyer. Over the past 8 years, he has gained extensive experience in digital advertising, working with the worlds leading publishers and implementing new technologies into the space. Pavel is passionate about everything mobile and in the last two years has been focused on driving innovative products into the mobile ecosystem.