New Amplitude + Snowflake Integration Delivers the Modern Data Stack

Amplitude announces an integration to unite best-in-class data cloud and best-in-class product analytics to enrich product data and accelerate insights-to-action for customers.

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November 9, 2021
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Hiral Shah
Director of Product Management, Amplitude
Amplitude-Snowflake Integration

Whether they were born into the digital era or are in the midst of digital transformation, many organizations have already made data infrastructure and cloud investments. But the reality is that modernizing your infrastructure is just the beginning—data doesn’t equal actionable insights. You’ve invested in the best-of-breed data cloud, now what? Think about the end goal of modernized data stack: better insights that lead to better decisions to help your company grow faster. To get to that end goal of true, revenue-driving innovation, organizations must couple cloud investments with the right product analytics.

That’s why we’ve been working closely with the team at Snowflake to launch a new integration and partnership. Now, with just a few clicks, any Snowflake customer can easily import data into Amplitude, unlocking actionable insights into customer behaviors and product experiences. By capturing data on every customer interaction, Amplitude’s Digital Optimization System delivers deep understanding into which behaviors lead to business outcomes, maximizing organizations’ return on data cloud investments. With this integration, Amplitude also achieved Select tier status as a Snowflake Technology partner.

Together, Amplitude and Snowflake solve organizational pain points and empower teams to work faster and smarter. So, what does that look like?

The Best of Both Data and Analytics

The Snowflake Data Cloud establishes itself as the source of truth for engineering and data analyst teams, while also providing a flexible query engine for deep customizations. Amplitude automates user identity resolution and provides the self-serve, no SQL interface for product and marketing teams to answer their own questions. The result? The best-in-class data cloud paired with the best-in-class analytics, providing organizations with a complete solution that eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates innovation.

Getting Adoption to (Hyper)speed

In a digital business, more teams than ever are required to be data-informed, and the pace of innovation and optimization is constantly accelerating. In the digital optimization era, general purpose business intelligence (BI) solutions aren’t enough. They leave non-technical teams in a holding pattern, leading to days or weeks-long wait-times, low adoption, and limited ROI. And while data clouds can run complex, analytical BI queries, they are not built for real-time application response.

But with Amplitude, teams use analytics that align with the way they work, the questions they ask, and the data they track. They remove barriers between teams and insights, no longer relying on their data experts for baseline metrics because every member of an organization can run lightning-fast queries within Snowflake—we’re talking milliseconds! This self-service access and decreased time-to-insight widens the gap between companies that sometimes utilize BI and those that have data-informed, customer-first cultures that accelerate growth.

Amplitude + Snowflake Integration

Snowflake Import: Know Your Customer to Grow Your Customer

Digital experiences span multiple devices, products, and channels, which is incredibly powerful, but can also become unwieldy for product teams. Organizations need a full view of their customers’ behavior, including event-based insights.

Amplitude’s Behavioral Graph identifies the right audience and delivers corresponding data to downstream integrations at the moment of customer interaction. Joint customers can import data from Snowflake, benefit from Amplitude’s automated user identity resolution to connect customer profiles with other behavioral data sources, utilize out-of-the-box reporting to analyze customer behavior, and easily share these learnings through built-in storytelling. The result is valuable insights to help grow and keep customers.

For example, online publishing platform Substack uses Amplitude’s Snowflake ingestion feature as an easy yet powerful way to augment event data with precise user properties, allowing for a more nuanced understanding of the product. With actionable and real-time data driving its product development process, leaders at Substack can focus on what matters most: creating extraordinary digital experiences.

Snowflake Export: Our Role in Improving Data Quality

Organizations know too well the negative impact of siloed data, and improving data quality across this integrated ecosystem is something we should all uphold. Amplitude also offers a bi-directional integration that allows customers to import data from Snowflake and automatically stitch it together—both anonymous and known users—into a single profile of all user attributes and behaviors through its unique identity resolution capabilities. This organized, event-based taxonomy can then be exported back to Snowflake with Amplitude’s data governance suite. Now teams have the unmatched ability to know not only your current customers, but they can also proactively clean, organize, and enrich their data clouds using Amplitude’s the data layer that’s purpose built for digital product and behavioral data.

Paving the Road to Personalized Digital Experiences

Product leaders, marketers, engineers and customer success teams have long pursued the promise of personalized digital experiences. These experiences should excite and grow existing customers, expand new customer opportunities and reduce churn. And while new data infrastructure is a step in the right direction, delivering contextual experience based on customer behavior requires the correct data structure, powerful machine-learning, and real-time delivery.

With behavioral cohorting and real-time syncing, customers can quickly relay data feedback back into Amplitude and Snowflake. And with their data now in a format for behavioral personalization, teams can utilize these insights to pinpoint the right opportunities and measure impact, and optimize their integration with Amplitude Recommend and Amplitude Experiment to turn insights into actions.

The end result? Our customers have an unmatched understanding of their users’ behaviors, leading to customer growth, retention, and ultimately, revenue growth.

Growing a digital business today requires deep product insights that can be delivered exactly when and how teams need. With the Amplitude and Snowflake integration and partnership, organizations can empower non-technical teams, reduce time-to-insight, and create lifetime customers. That’s the power of a data-driven product strategy.

Watch how to easily send your Snowflake data to Amplitude here. Interested in learning more about Amplitude? Schedule a demo with our team today.

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Image of Hiral Shah
Hiral Shah
Director of Product Management, Amplitude
Hiral is a product leader at Amplitude, driving our strategy to manage data at scale within Amplitude and our partner ecosystem. A graduate from Carnegie Mellon and Stanford GSB, she is passionate about working at the intersection of business and technology. Having worked on first generation Apple products and investing in startups as a VC, she loves to be the voice of customers while defining strategy.
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