Meet the Ampliteer: Yuanyuan Zhang, Technical Support

In this Ampliteer Spotlight series, discover how Yuanyuan Zhang champions customer success.

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July 2, 2024
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Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
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At Amplitude, our Digital Analytics Platform enables companies to build better products. What's the power behind our products? Our people!

In our Meet the Ampliteer series, we amplify their stories and honor their achievements in shaping data-driven success.

This series installment spotlights Yuanyuan Zhang, technical support engineer and recent winner of Amplitude’s Values Award for Ownership.

Tell us about yourself, your role at Amplitude, and your journey to where you are today.

I am Yuanyuan, a senior technical support engineer based in Amsterdam. I am responsible for providing technical support to our clients and ensuring they have the best possible experience with our products. This includes troubleshooting issues, offering solutions, and working closely with our development team to improve our offerings.

I joined the company in 2021, seeking a change from the typical corporate working environment. I was looking for a fast-paced and energetic atmosphere, and that is when I discovered Amplitude.

I was initially captivated by the product itself, as it represents a relatively new industry. The more I researched it, the more my interest grew. After joining the company, I discovered that Amplitude’s most essential assets are its people and culture.

How does your work contribute to Amplitude’s mission of helping companies build better products and experiences? Can you tell us about a project you're particularly proud of?

As a senior technical support engineer at Amplitude, my work directly contributes to our mission of helping companies build better products and experiences by ensuring our clients can effectively use our platform and solutions. The support team works on the frontline with customers, constantly reevaluating the support journey and determining what kind of help customers need.

One project I am particularly proud of is the “Solutions Artifacts” initiative, which I led in the second half of 2023. The goal was to empower customers to find solutions with existing resources, enhancing their ability to scale adoption and usage efficiently.

During this three-month project, we improved and published 28 Help Center articles, created ten community posts, and developed six automations to streamline responses to customer requests. This comprehensive effort provided our customers with valuable resources and significantly reduced the time and effort required to get the help they needed.

This project was gratifying because it highlighted the impact of adequate technical support and the importance of accessible documentation. It demonstrated how our commitment to customer success can lead to tangible improvements in their products and experiences.

At Amplitude, we value humility, ownership, and a growth mindset. How do these values shape your approach to work?

When I first joined, I thought humility, ownership, and a growth mindset were just buzzwords every tech startup uses to promote itself. However, over time, I’ve seen firsthand how deeply these core values are integrated into our daily work culture. This genuine commitment from my colleagues has inspired me to embody these values in my own work as well.

We admire Ampliteers who go above and beyond to ensure success for our customers and the business. What inspires you to be extraordinary in your role at Amplitude?

I just love the culture and the team. In the office, we work together as a highly effective squad, moving fast wherever our customers need us. When there’s an urgent issue to be solved, it’s not titles and hierarchies but the best idea and a hands-on attitude that matters. I joined a few years ago with a specific job description, but this fast-paced environment has allowed me to see so many areas and work with diverse people—this inspires me every day.

What also inspires me to be extraordinary at Amplitude is the opportunity to work with a product with immense potential and prospects. Seeing how our platform empowers customers to make data-driven decisions and build better products motivates me to provide the best support possible.

But this team also continues to amaze me after work hours. I’m passionate about food—particularly seafood—and quickly learned that many colleagues share this love. So we promptly founded our SeaFoodies group, wining and dining on what our Amsterdam markets offer!

Working at Amplitude often changes the way we view digital products and experiences. Can you share a product that continues to delight you or you can't live without?

One digital product that I can't live without is Slack. I have used other corporate chat tools, but Slack makes communication more accessible and efficient. Channels in Slack let people share news or updates in one place and keep the workflow smooth.

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Image of Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
Blake Jackson is the Manager of Global Talent Initiatives and Early-Career Programs at Amplitude. He is overseeing Amplitude’s employer branding, recruiting operations, talent sourcing, and university recruiting efforts. He is the Founder of the BLACC employee resource group and an Amplitude Star Wars trivia champion.