Engineering at Amplitude

We’re building the future of product.

We have a growth mindset.

"My manager and tech lead solicit my opinions and feedback regarding my career trajectory. They both work incredibly hard to give me the opportunity to learn."

Samantha Puth,
Software Engineer

We aim to raise the bar.

"Since we have reached an important milestone of 200B events per month, collaboration is more crucial now than ever so we can scale up our cutting-edge applications. I am very excited to be part of this challenging project with the team."

Cathy Nam,
Senior Software Engineer

We ship fast.

"Shipping fast at Amplitude means getting feedback from customers early in the product development cycle. Better to test something early than spend months on a problem and then realize it was the wrong problem to begin with."

Nirmal Utwani,
Senior Software Engineer

We aim to win.

"The level of ownership people across the team have for their work is really special. You can really sense the effort and care that goes into what they do, which is incredibly motivating."

Kevin Wu,
Senior Software Engineer

We are customer focused.

"Our team has a tremendous amount of empathy for our customers and a desire to succeed as a team. Our solutions are solving real problems our customers are facing."

Ryan Ashcraft,
Senior Software Engineer

We take risks.

"We’re big fans of running experiments. Whether it’s a new feature in the product or an interesting new technology that helps us build it—experiments help us find the right bets that could really change the trajectory of the company."

Greg Jones,
Engineering Manager

Getting customer data to Amplitude

We help customers understand user behavior across an entire ecosystem of platforms. We’ve built data collection SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript. We also collect data via a REST API and ingest large amounts of data through high-volume backfills. Our data collection systems include functionality to manage quality of the data customers collect—blocking, filtering, and transforming that data before it makes it to our query engine.

Ingesting 450,000 events per second

We collect and process over 1 trillion data points every month, peaking at over 450,000 events/second. We’ve built a horizontally scalable, highly available system that can smoothly scale up and down with incoming traffic. We make this happen by leveraging great open-source technologies like Kafka, PostgreSQL, Redis, Cassandra, and ElasticSearch.

Querying tens of billions of events

At the core of Amplitude is a flexible and scalable query system that enables customers to ask questions about their data. Written in Java and backed by Amazon S3, our proprietary distributed column store Nova, is designed for interactive behavioral analysis. It regularly serves queries running on tens of billions of events, with a median query time of <1 second. We’re constantly innovating on its functionality and efficiency.

Presenting the data

The frontend is our centerpiece–it’s how we turn a traditionally complex and intimidating experience into an empowering one. We build experiences focused on exploration, understanding, collaboration, and sharing—recognizing that an important insight from your data is only as valuable as your ability to share it with your organization. We work with our talented design and product teams to build fast, reliable, and intuitive user interfaces. Our web application is built on a modern stack of React, Redux, Highcharts, D3, and node, and speaks to a Python API server.

The infrastructure underneath it all

In the analytics space, operating securely at scale is non-negotiable. We run over 1000 instances in Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud with a lean engineering team, and we regularly deploy over 50 microservices that power the product. Our DevOps efforts rely on a suite of powerful automation and monitoring tools: Docker, SaltStack, Terraform, DataDog, PagerDuty, and Jenkins.

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