Meet the Ampliteer: Victor Dungevski

In this Ampliteer Spotlight series, explore Victor Dungevski's impact on Amplitude’s sales strategies and his dedication to continuous growth.

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May 28, 2024
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Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
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At Amplitude, our Digital Analytics Platform enables companies to build better products. What's the power behind our products? Our people!

In our Meet the Ampliteer series, we amplify their stories and honor their achievements in shaping data-driven success.

This series installment spotlights Victor Dungevski, sales development representative and recent winner of Amplitude’s Values Award for Growth Mindset.

Tell us about yourself, your role at Amplitude, and your journey to where you are today.

I joined Amplitude as a sales development representative (SDR) at Amplitude in February 2023. For many companies, I am the first face and voice of Amplitude they encounter. I work closely with account executives, engaging in conversations with stakeholders in their book of business. Together, we identify pain points we can solve and guide them through the initial steps of the evaluation process.

My journey began in a small town in Macedonia, where I lived until I was 15. In 2010, I moved with my family to Germany. There, I studied business administration, and then earned a Master's in sales and marketing management, which I completed in the summer of 2023. During my studies, I held various part-time jobs in supply chain management, procurement, accounting, marketing, and sales, which helped me realize my passion for tech sales.

During my last job as a freelancer at a startup, I met David Mischel through a coworker and friend who referred me to Amplitude. This spontaneous opportunity led to a rapid series of events, including interviews and presentations, which took place within two weeks and resulted in an offer to start my career at Amplitude.

Though I was writing my master's thesis at the time, I decided to take the uncertain path of leaving Germany and start a new life in the Netherlands. Fourteen months have passed since then, and it has been a life-changing decision for which I am immensely grateful.

How does your work contribute to Amplitude’s mission of helping companies build better products and experiences? Can you tell us about a project you're particularly proud of?

The role of an SDR contributes directly to Amplitude's mission of helping companies build better products. We achieve this by spreading the word about our platform and its capabilities, helping our customers connect the dots between the pain they experience and the solutions we offer. Doing this cultivates a sense of curiosity about Amplitude and a willingness to explore it in more depth.

A project I am particularly proud of is my Amplite guide, which summarizes our platform's most important features and includes video explanations and industry-specific use cases.

With the help of this guide, I have organized weekly sessions to improve our overall expertise. In the first half of each session, we discuss a specific feature and its related use cases. For the second half-hour, we invite a colleague from another department to discuss various topics such as best practices, success stories, crucial technical know-how, and more. My goal is to enhance the SDRs' knowledge, credibility, and self-confidence, improving the first impression companies have of Amplitude and increasing their trust in us as a partner capable of helping them build better products and experiences.

At Amplitude, we value humility, ownership, and a growth mindset. How do these values shape your approach to work?

From my very first day, Amplitude’s values of humility, ownership, and growth mindset made it clear that I was in the right place. These principles are essential for success in sales development, where every interaction and every decision can pivot a potential opportunity.

Humility involves being open to acknowledging that there's always room to improve. It encourages me to ask questions and seek advice. Thanks to my colleagues, I've consistently received answers, advice, and constructive criticism.

Ownership is about taking full responsibility, being proactive, and solution-oriented. Taking the initiative to improve, help, or share insights is one way to embody this value, which has shaped my approach to work and created a great working environment.

The value of a growth mindset fuels the drive to exceed targets and push the boundaries of what I can achieve. Success stories within the company across different roles inspires me to take initiative and think outside the box. I might make mistakes, but I learn from them, growing professionally and personally.

We admire Ampliteers who go above and beyond for our customers and the business. What inspires you to be extraordinary in your role at Amplitude?

What inspires me most to be extraordinary as an SDR at Amplitude is that pivotal moment during a conversation with a customer when they describe their workflow challenges. I already know we have the solution. It feels rewarding to deliver good news and positively impact their success.

However, doing that requires a deep understanding of our customers' situations, objectives, and pain points and a thorough knowledge of our platform capabilities. Ensuring success for our customers and the business demands that we go above and beyond, developing the necessary expertise to assist our customers and contribute to the business.

High-performing teams are a hallmark of Amplitude's culture. Can you highlight a colleague or team that exemplifies our commitment to excellence?

I am privileged to work with individuals who exemplify our commitment to excellence daily. The SDRs, notably Nicholas, Aurelia, Julien, and Hidde, stand out for their creativity and unique approaches to success. Their collaborative, supportive spirit creates an environment where everyone thrives.

I also deeply value the account executives I've worked with: Sasha, Paul, Sven, and Mustafa. Each has demonstrated a profound commitment to excellence, not just in their results but in their dedication to mentoring others. They've played a crucial role in helping me develop my skills across various aspects of our work, enhancing our collective success.

Lastly, my managers, Mathieu, Kier, and Jess, deserve special mention. Their leadership balances support with challenge. They foster a goal-oriented atmosphere grounded in mutual respect and honesty. These colleagues genuinely embody what it means to strive for excellence at Amplitude, setting standards that inspire us all.

Working at Amplitude often changes the way we view digital products and experiences. Can you share a product that continues to delight you or you can't live without?

Music is very important to me, so Spotify is a digital product I can't live without. I use every opportunity to listen to my music. What makes Spotify so special to me is the familiarity. It feels like “mine,” and I know exactly where all my playlists are and where to find my favorite songs for any occasion.

Since working at Amplitude, my standards for personalization have increased. I understand that digital businesses have no excuse for being subpar. Now, I often look for signs that they are actively trying to enhance their apps, aiming for greater personalization that feels special to me.

Intrigued by Victor’s experience at Amplitude? Check out our careers site to learn more about #LifeAtAmplitude!

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Blake Jackson
Manager, Global Talent Initiatives, Amplitude
Blake Jackson is the Manager of Global Talent Initiatives and Early-Career Programs at Amplitude. He is overseeing Amplitude’s employer branding, recruiting operations, talent sourcing, and university recruiting efforts. He is the Founder of the BLACC employee resource group and an Amplitude Star Wars trivia champion.

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