Do you care about growth? Growth of your business, growth of your customer base and growth of your revenue? Then you should care about user retention.

Without retention, your product is a leaky bucket; you can invest as much as you can into user acquisition, and yet still have no long term users, which means no sustainable growth and no means to generate revenue.

There are many, many resources online full of “growth hacks” that promise to solve any and all retention issues. The problem with these tactics is that they’re predominantly short-term solutions that result in a temporary uptick in active users. And that’s it. No sustainable strategies for turning passive users into active users, or active users into power users, or dormant users into current users.

Retaining the users you acquire is a precursor to growth. It’s critical to exist as a business. Which is why it’s so important to us to help you understand retention, why it matters and how to do it well. (If you’ve seen our 155-page Guide to Mastering Retention, you know it’s a topic we care a lot about.)

Because we know just how crucial retention is, we are turning that guide into User Retention Bootcamp: a three-part webinar series and collection of resources to help you hold onto what matters most: your users.

What will you learn at User Retention Bootcamp?

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Class 1: Setting the Foundation for a Sticky Product

  • Why retention matters
  • The tools and steps to define 2 key retention metrics:
    • Your critical event
    • Your product usage interval
  • 3 methods of retention measurement and how to select which works best for you
  • How to dig deeper into retention strategies for each type of user
  • Live webinar on July 26th, then available on-demand. Sign up to attend live at 11 am PST or 1:30 pm GMT.

Class 2: Retention Strategies Across All Stages

  • Why it’s important to understand Behavioral Personas in order to retain users
  • How to identify drivers of habit formation and turn passive users to power users
  • Drivers of successful user onboarding
  • Strategies to reactivate dormant users and turn them into current users
  • Live webinar on August 2nd, then available on-demand. Sign up to attend live at 11 am PST or 1:30 pm GMT.

Class 3: Instrumenting Your Retention Machine

  • Why taking time to invest in a proper taxonomy will set you up for long-term success
  • How to prioritize experiments
  • Sample event taxonomies for different industries
  • Best practices for event naming and hierarchy
  • Live webinar on August 9th, then available on-demand. Sign up to attend live at 11 am PST or 1:30 pm GMT.

What you won’t learn at User Retention Bootcamp:

  • Short lived tactics or “growth hacks”
  • A magic formula to improve retention

We know that building programs and developing strategies to retain users is difficult – we talk to people about this everyday. At User Retention Bootcamp, we’re bringing you our very best resources and minds so you can figure out how to master your product’s retention.

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