4 Major Launch Announcements from Amplify 2020

At the largest global gathering of product leaders, the Amplitude team launched new product features, kicked-off its inaugural customer awards program, and released the 2020 Product Intelligence Report.

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October 14, 2020
Image of Suyog Deshpande
Suyog Deshpande
Head of Product Marketing
4 Major Launch Announcements from Amplify 2020

Amplify 2020 gathered product leaders from the likes of IBM and Peloton to discuss the shift to a digital everything world, and the takeaway was clear: Your product is your business. The future of that business is determined by the product decisions you make today. In a digital everything world, customers expect innovative, personalized, and even prescriptive product experiences. In order to meet this moment, teams need to build fast, and build with data.

Most teams strive for this, but some run into problems when they try to force fit incumbent data storage and visualization systems to the real-time behavioral analytics this strategy demands. These solutions typically require SQL queries or analyst support, which can’t keep up with the needs of fast-moving teams. This leads to the builder’s paradox: You can either build fast without data, or you can make data-informed decisions and fall behind on customer demands.

Product teams can’t afford to make this tradeoff, nor do they have to. Amplitude is explicitly engineered to support real-time behavioral analytics, break data silos, and help any team build fast and build with data. Amplitude has been instrumental to the fast iteration of companies like Squarespace and ABInBev, but as customers demand increasingly engaging and complex experiences, the pressures of the builder’s paradox will only get stronger. To stay ahead of the curve, product analytics needs to innovate, and that’s exactly what our team has done.

Today, we are thrilled to announce Journeys, Event Explorer, and Breadcrumbs—industry-first capabilities in Amplitude that equip any team to build the next generation of products.

Journeys: Analyze the Breadth and Depth of Your Customer Experiences.

As EVP of Product Justin Bauer shared on the Amplify keynote today, “Our customers’ journeys are no longer the simple, linear, session-based experiences product analytics was designed for.” To build the next generation of products, teams need tools that analyze the big picture of their customer journey and individual user behaviors simultaneously. Luckily, you don’t have to wait. Today, Amplitude brings a step-change to product analytics with Journeys: an industry-first solution that analyzes the breadth and depth of your customer journey.

Product teams analyze hundreds, if not thousands, of events to understand their customer experience. Journeys hones in on the two events that matter most–the starting point for new users, and the moment they achieve a target outcome. It surfaces the paths and behavioral patterns between these two events, so your team can understand what drives customers between states like free to paid, trial to subscribed, or new user to high-value customer.

To fully analyze these state changes, Journeys has to synthesize:

  1. A macro view of customer paths to target outcomes.
  2. A focused view of individual user experiences that accelerate or decelerate users toward those target outcomes.

It then employs autoML, an industry-first for product analytics, to reduce noise in the data, and reconcile the two views to create a complete picture of your customer journey.

When Atlassian made their products freely available to businesses supporting the fight against COVID-19, Journeys helped their product team identify meaningful pathways in their ecosystem, remove bottlenecks they would have otherwise missed, and double down on features that led to cross-product adoption. This new look into their customer journey empowered Atlassian to decrease complexity in their product and streamline paths to customer value.

“We have over one hundred seventy thousand customers and millions of users, so there is a high level of complexity when it comes to understanding our customers’ journey. Amplitude’s Journeys has been eye-opening in understanding our workflows, like sign-up to activation, and key milestones. Being able to flush this out in one click is incredibly powerful and Journeys enables us to increase the understanding and velocity.”
– Ivan Galea, VP of Analytics and Data Science, Atlassian

Journeys is part of the Amplitude platform and is available for all Scholarship, Growth and Enterprise customers to try through an open beta starting today. To learn more, sign up for our upcoming Journeys webinar hosted by Amplitude’s product team.

Event Explorer and Breadcrumbs: the New Building Blocks for a Data-informed Culture

Data-informed cultures can only flourish with easily understood, accurate data, and a system to share insights once they’re discovered. For growing and distributed teams, this doesn’t just happen by chance. Data-informed cultures must be cultivated, and adoption must be engineered into the analytics platforms that power them. Amplitude has done just that with the launch of Event Explorer and Breadcrumbs: the new building blocks for a data-informed culture.

As EVP of Engineering Shadi Rostami shared at today’s keynote, “Event Explorer and Breadcrumbs solve two of the longest standing challenges in analytics: finding the right data to analyze when answering a question, and eliminating the need to retrace your steps when sharing insights.”

Learning a new analytics system comes with inevitable confusion about the event taxonomy: “Should I query ‘Signup,’ ‘Sign-Up,’ ‘signup,’ or sign_up’?” With Event Explorer, Amplitude has completely reimagined the learning experience for new analytics users. The interactive tool tracks your designated user ID as you interact with your own product features, and displays their corresponding Amplitude events and properties in real-time. You can also apply these events and properties to charts directly from Event Explorer. So whether you’re a first-time Amplitude user trying to ramp up, or an experienced user analyzing a new feature, you can click around your product, locate the correct event names, and build analysis in one seamless experience.

This is exactly how the global teams at AB InBev use Event Explorer. With over 30 business units operating in 55 different countries, knowing which data to use to answer questions is incredibly difficult. With Event Explorer, each local team can independently find the data they need to analyze their customers and personalize campaigns for their region.

Even if teams have access to the right behavioral data, with the ability to easily share insights they won’t be able to iterate quickly. In the trenches of product development, sharing is often an afterthought and almost always requires you to retrace your steps. Breadcrumbs eliminates this extra work. As you dig through your data you can bookmark thoughts, chart views, or user segments and Breadcrumbs loads them into a Notebook automatically. This means you can discover insights and tell a data story in the same workflow, so collaboration becomes second nature.

Event Explorer and Breadcrumbs are currently in closed alpha for Scholarship, Growth, and Enterprise customers. Reach out to your account team to access the feature, or sign up for the upcoming adoption webinar hosted by Amplitude’s product team.

The Inaugural Amplitude Pioneer Awards

Amplify is where thousands of product pioneers gather to grow, meet, and share their ideas every year. That’s why this moment is perfect to introduce the new Amplitude Pioneer Awards program. These awards will celebrate Amplitude customers that are building the best product experiences, digital businesses, and data-informed teams.

Nominations are now open. Winners will receive prizes including speaking opportunities at Amplify 2021 and free tickets to the Conference. From the thousands of product pioneers using Amplitude, we will spotlight four special individuals across these categories:

  • The Product Innovation Award
  • The Product Impact Award
  • The Growth Architect Award
  • The Data Culture Award

We’re also thrilled to reveal the Datamonsters of 2020. These Amplitude power users aren’t just analyzing lots of data, they’re creating and spreading knowledge. The two dozen Datamonster of the Year winners created the most broadcasted learnings in 2020 leading up to Amplify. A broadcasted learning is counted each time a chart, dashboard, or Notebook is consumed by multiple people within a seven-day period.

To learn more about the new awards program and meet this year’s Datamonsters, visit the Amplitude Pioneer Awards page and apply to win.

The Product Intelligence Report

In August 2020, Amplitude partnered with researchers to survey more than 350 business leaders on how their businesses are adapting to accelerating digital transformation. Some results are expected: businesses are highly focused on creating digital-first customer experiences. Some are surprising: many leaders don’t know how to achieve their digital objectives.

We synthesized those findings to create the 2020 Product Intelligence Report, a comprehensive guide to driving success with your team’s product strategy. Download your copy of the report to learn about the challenges facing product teams today, what it takes to overcome them, and how teams using product intelligence tools are 5.5 times more likely to see >25% revenue growth year over year than those who aren’t using it.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with Amplitude

As Amplify 2020 demonstrated, product-led companies win. They’re able to adapt to change, iterate fast, and leverage insights to build the product that creates value for the customer and the business.

Journeys, Event Explorer, and Breadcrumbs will help you achieve that vision of product-led growth. But they’re just the tip of the iceberg. As CEO Spenser Skates shared on the Amplify keynote today, Amplitude is reaching new horizons every year. In 2020, Amplitude:

Amplitude is the rocketship that will help your business reach new heights. Learn more by scheduling a call with our team today.

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Image of Suyog Deshpande
Suyog Deshpande
Head of Product Marketing
Suyog leads the Product Marketing function at Amplitude. He oversees Amplitude’s efforts to help enterprises connect with customers, prospects, partners, and employees in innovative ways.