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December 10, 2020
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Kaitlin Pike
Director of Content
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We are supposedly in a ‘golden age of product management,’ but not that much is known about the people in the product management function.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics can tell you how many motion picture projectionists are employed in the U.S. (approximately 1,000, as of 2019), but doesn’t track how many people work in product management.

We want to change that. We are conducting a survey to represent every product professional and answer questions such as:

The more data we can gather, the more useful the results will be to both you and the wider community.

That’s where you can help. First, by taking the survey. We find that it takes about seven to 10 minutes to complete. It sounds like a lot, but we promise you the time flies by.

Second, by sharing the link with every product professional you know. Drop the link in relevant Slack channels, share it on your social media accounts, and project the link into the sky like the Batman logo.

We appreciate your support!

Take the survey now.

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Kaitlin Pike is the Director of Content at Amplitude where she leads the teams responsible for creating compelling stories and experiences.