Amplitude’s End-Of-Year Analytics: Looking Back at 2021

Read more from Amplitude CEO Spenser Skates in a recap of the top company highlights from a record year in 2021.

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December 21, 2021
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In Amplitude’s nine years of existence, we had a record year in 2021. We launched new products, saw more customer growth than ever before, expanded our team, and took the company to the public markets. Each of our employees, customers, partners, and investors played a critical role in getting us to where we are today, and I’m so thankful for the commitment to Amplitude’s success. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished in 2021—below are just some of my favorite highlights.

Witnessing the growth of digital analytics

2021 was a year marked by an unprecedented level of digital product adoption. In fact, our first Product Report, released this fall, found that daily active users of digital products increased 54% from January 2020 to August 2021.

To help companies get the most value out of their digital products, we launched two new products this year, unifying the data, analytics, and infrastructure required to understand which customer product behaviors lead to business outcomes. Our new product offerings include Amplitude Recommend, the first self-serve personalization engine; and Amplitude Experiment, which offers A/B testing and feature flagging powered by customer behavior.

This year, we made the list for Forbes’s Cloud 100, Deloitte’s Fast 500 and G2’s Best Software Products, where we ranked as the #22 customer favorite among all software products, and also ranked as a leader across eight G2 categories. In the G2 Winter 2022 report, Amplitude ranked #1 in Product Analytics for the fifth report in a row, and #1 in Mobile Analytics and Mobile App Analytics for the first time, indicating the industry at large is realizing the value of product and in-app analytics.

And of course, I can’t forget our biggest milestone of all—the culmination of our growth and market validation—our direct listing. I’m proud that Amplitude was able to set such a strong example for other startups by going public via direct listing instead of the traditional IPO. By choosing this path, we created the most value for our existing shareholders, accurately valued our company at a market-based price and set ourselves up for long-term success.

Expanding our customer base

Product analytics is not just for product people, and data isn’t just for data scientists. Our customers have always pushed us to innovate, and this year we loved seeing what they were able to learn and achieve with our products. Our inaugural Product Report showed us that an increasing number of people in customer success and marketing roles are relying on Amplitude to understand how their customers engage with their digital products, an indication of growing data democratization and the importance of product analytics across all job functions.

We’re seeing this growth of data democratization in our now more than 1,400 customers, who are the brains behind more than 6,000 digital products. To support our continued global expansion, we opened a new EU Data Center this year to ensure that Amplitude customers can achieve product innovation and data privacy compliance at the same time.

Something that continually excites me is hearing customers’ stories of how they are using Amplitude to solve problems or reach their business goals. Some of these are new customer wins, like Glovo, a leading food delivery platform in Europe, which chose Amplitude to drive product strategy in a move away from a dependency on traditional business intelligence tools.

And some of these stories come from existing customers, like Square and Spirit Airlines. One of my favorite customer stories from this year was when Square, a long-time customer, expanded its use of Amplitude so that engineering, product, marketing, growth, data science, and customer success teams could access the product data they need. Square is also leveraging Amplitude’s new integration with Snowflake so its teams can spend less time processing data and more time building amazing customer experiences. We also saw Spirit Airlines, a non-digital native, used Amplitude this year to drive traffic to its mobile app to increase mobile check-ins and non-airfare purchases, supporting the trend of companies in legacy industries—like the airline industry—disrupting themselves to achieve greater business outcomes.

We celebrate these stories and more each year through our 2021 Datamonsters of the Year, which were announced yesterday, and our annual Pioneer Awards, which we’ll kick off the submission process for next month.

Growing the team

Signing new customers and going public weren’t the only things we were up to this year. To support our rapid growth, we opened up a new San Francisco office and now employ 600+ people in nine countries. Throughout the year, we invested in our team by adding six new Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), bringing us to a total of 10 ERGs.

We also made Business Insider’s list of Startups to Bet Your Career On—and we’re hiring! Check out our career page and consider taking a bet on us in 2022.

We hit some huge milestones this year and couldn’t have done any of it without our incredible team of Ampliteers. It’s just the beginning. Investments in digital products have emerged as a crucial part of every business strategy. As we look ahead to the coming year, we’ll continue to launch new innovations and partnerships that will help businesses reach their goal—to build better products. There’s a lot in store for 2022, and I can’t wait for what’s next.

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About the Author
Spenser is the CEO and Co-founder of Amplitude. He experienced the need for a better product analytics solution firsthand while developing Sonalight, a text-to-voice app. Out of that need, Spenser created Amplitude so that everyone can learn from user behavior to build better products.
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