Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform Just Got a Whole Lot Better

New capabilities make it easier than ever for organizations to build better digital experiences at scale.

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February 7, 2024
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
Amplitude Data Analytics Platform

“What’s a digital analytics platform, and why would I ever need one?” you might be asking yourself. The short answer: because how you show up across your digital products and apps influences your customer relationships—and can make or break your business.

I’ll give you a simple example.

A friend of mine loves hiking. He recently took a trip to Iceland to hike the fjords and booked his travel online through a large travel company.

However, a week after he got back from his trip, the same travel company sent him a push notification offering him travel packages to go hiking in—you guessed it—Iceland.

Now, that travel company should have known that my friend had just returned from a trip to Iceland—he booked it through their site! Sadly, they did not. The result?

First, they wasted money targeting him with the wrong offer—money the company could have used more effectively elsewhere. Though that company likely had the right information about my friend somewhere, they couldn’t connect the dots to create a compelling customer offer. The root cause of this disconnect could be due to a laundry list of common (yet avoidable) internal obstacles—red tape, a lack of integration across systems, a lack of resources, the inability to clearly map out his journey, etc.

Second, and more importantly, the company created a negative customer experience. My friend believes the company should have known better and is now exploring other travel companies as he plans his next hiking adventure. Because for all the money he’s spent, the least they could do is understand and acknowledge who he is and where he’s been.

Does this sound familiar? We hear stories like this all the time—and most of us have lived them.

Payment declined

While businesses might’ve been able to get away with delivering disjointed experiences in decades past, in 2024, few can afford to continue to do so—because customers will walk away.

The problem is that delivering the right experience to the right person on the right channel at the right time—at scale—isn’t easy.

That’s why Amplitude is so excited to offer organizations an end-to-end solution that enables technical and non-technical teams alike to quickly and easily uncover insights and transform them into personalized experiences that meet customers in the moment—and keep them coming back for more.

The Digital Analytics Platform: helping organizations become information and cash-rich

Many people know Amplitude for its innovation in product analytics. This isn’t surprising, given that’s where we got our start. We’ve always believed that making trusted insights accessible to everyone in the organization is key to driving better business outcomes. If only technical teams can access your data, bottlenecks will arise, and if your data isn’t trustworthy, it won’t be used.

input to insights

Enter Amplitude. Our Digital Analytics Platform automatically stitches together every page view, button click, and email received across all your data sources and destinations into a single timeline. This real-time customer profile enables your teams to get on the same page and better understand who your customers are and what they’re doing across their full journey.

Like who’s buying, who’s getting stuck, and who your most loyal customers are.

But Amplitude takes it a step further because insights without action is like having a strategy you can’t execute. It’s like knowing how to make money but not being able to do anything about it—leaving you information-rich and cash-poor.

So, Amplitude has continuously innovated by bringing together feature flags, experimentation, and audience targeting into a single platform to ensure all teams can transform insights into better outcomes and more personalized experiences. Experiences that really move the needle—so you can acquire, monetize, and retain more customers.

To see our platform in action, check out this demo video.

By unifying insights across the entire customer journey and empowering teams to act, companies across the globe have become information and cash-rich. Companies like Ticketswap have turned insights into digital experiences that encourage customers to buy more and grow their business.

“By identifying potential buyer segments and tapping into the specific needs of Gen Z concertgoers, we improved our unsold rate by two percentage points in our established markets and five percentage points in our new markets in Italy and Brazil. We move three million tickets annually, and every point gained represents tens of thousands of sales.”


Hello, 2024: Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform is about to get even better

But we haven’t stopped there.

As we ring in 2024, we’re excited to introduce a slew of new capabilities for the Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform that make it easier than ever for you to build better digital experiences at scale and truly meet customers in the moment.

What does that mean for you? More happy customers so your business can thrive.

Get connected, full journey insights now with Session Replay

Over the years, Amplitude has worked with customers across the globe, including Spirit Airlines, Nautilus, and SimpliSafe, to unlock valuable product insights. We’ve made it easier than ever to get started, discover powerful insights, and share them confidently across teams with AI-driven question-to-chart workflows, out-of-the-box templates and frameworks, and default event tracking.

But thanks to Session Replay, things just got even better.

Session Replay empowers teams to reconstruct a user visit by capturing how they interacted with your website or app. As part of our unified platform, your teams can now take advantage of both quantitative and qualitative insights in one place to understand not just what customers are doing—but why.

This paves the way for teams to uncover both micro and macro trends, as well as why certain problems and issues arise—so you can fix them quickly before they affect your bottom line.

Let’s imagine a lot of customers are abandoning their carts in your app at checkout. Since Session Replay is now integrated into our Digital Analytics Platform, you can:

  • Isolate all the users and sessions where this checkout issue occurred.
  • Zero in and playback the recordings for those specific users to understand what’s really happening.

In doing so, let’s say you identify that the problem is due to a faulty promo code. Well, you can fix the problem and then retarget the impacted users with a personalized campaign by easily connecting to your popular ad networks and automation tools through Amplitude’s platform right out of the box.

“It's exciting that we can do everything in one platform, and we don't have to jump between GA and Hotjar and Amplitude.”

CDK Roadster

Deliver personalized experiences now with Experiment for web

Taking action on insights to deliver better outcomes and experiences is where the money is. It enables you to meet customers in the moment with the right experience at the right time to get them to click, engage, and come back for more.

For example, Coursera’s marketing team was stuck answering basic questions about what was driving new users with their homegrown analytics tools. With Amplitude, they were able to slice and dice information based on customer attributes and understand what was driving new users—namely, calls to action (CTAs). Then, they used Amplitude A/B testing to drive better results around their CTAs for a 30% increase in traffic.

It’s this 1+1=3 thinking around using a fully unified, integrated platform—where everything is rooted in driving results for customers—that truly drives growth and led Coursera Sr Director Anish Jariwala to say:

Our primary objective in the marketing department is to further growth and revenue. To do that, we need to democratize data and reduce time to insight. Now, marketers can use the information in Amplitude independently to quickly determine what’s working and not working in their respective campaigns.


Coursera’s story demonstrates that to drive growth, product, marketing, data, and engineering teams need to work together to deliver great digital experiences wherever their users are. To do that well, teams need to deeply understand what their users are doing at scale.

That’s why we’re excited to further support marketing and growth teams by investing in web experimentation capabilities in 2024.

With Experimentation for web, teams can take advantage of new capabilities, including:

  • Multi-armed bandits: A new type of experiment that automatically assigns traffic to the winning variant. This is valuable for conversion rate optimization (CRO) experiments because it enables you to test multiple versions of a landing page. As a winner emerges, traffic will automatically route to the winning variant, helping teams avoid “missing out” on conversions while running experiments.
  • Split URL testing: This makes it easier for growth teams to understand which landing page versions are performing better. Split URL testing greatly improves your ability to run experiments focused on button location, CTAs, landing pages, messaging, and more.

Simplify data management with new connectivity, features, and partnerships

Managing and accessing data shouldn’t be such a slog.

At Amplitude, we want to ensure everyone has access to trusted data—not just technical teams, but product, marketing, and sales teams, too—so they can understand and access the answers they need fast.

To help do this, we’re excited to introduce visual tag editor! Built natively into our data platform, visual tag editor automates data capture, organization, and governance so teams can quickly get started and easily build a solid foundation for trusted insights. Visual tag editor will be available in H1 2024.

But there’s more.

Snowflake and Amplitude

As part of our fully unified platform, we’ve also made it easier for teams to get self-service access to insights by running queries not only in Amplitude but also directly in Snowflake. Announced as part of an early access program, this enables you to access self-service data directly in your warehouse—with zero ETL involved—to help streamline security and compliance.

If your organization is interested in participating in the early access program, submit a request here.

And we’re excited to continue to raise the bar with new tools that simplify data management even further.

With our new and improved Data Assistant, an AI-powered governance tool, teams can easily manage and govern data and improve data quality in a few simple clicks. We are also making it easier to maintain security and compliance with a new self-service data scrubbing tool.

Data Assistant

And we’re excited to announce a new customer-focused integration with Jentis, a leader in server-side tracking, to provide teams with accurate insights that meet compliance standards so they can confidently drive better decisions.

With server-side tracking, teams can capture data on a dedicated server and eliminate the pitfalls of conventional web tracking. This means they vet data quality and compliance before it’s forwarded to Amplitude, so you can just take the data and run.

This partnership and new capabilities make ingesting, managing, securing, and accessing data easy—so your teams can focus on moving your business forward.

One platform, endless possibilities with new packaging

Teams have different needs and requirements. Some are farther along in their digital analytics journey and are looking to scale; others are just getting started. We want to put the full power of our platform into your teams’ hands with four right-sized, consumable plans that make it easy to get started and grow.

These packages include:

  • Free: Easily discover and report on user behavior insights to make smarter product decisions.
  • Plus: Answer questions, manage features, and deliver personalized experiences faster with a powerful suite of products—without the forced add-ons.
  • Growth: Drive results and revenue with advanced analytics, custom metrics, and dedicated customer support.
  • Enterprise: Leverage trusted data at scale with enterprise-grade security features for larger companies with complex needs and controls.

We realize that events are sometimes hard to predict, so we’re excited to announce that all of these plans are now available to customers based on monthly tracked users (MTUs). This should make it easier to predict usage and enable you to pay according to your monthly unique users.

Adopt Amplitude Digital Analytics Platform and see your business thrive

So, if you’re tired of being information-rich and cash-poor and want to uncover your path to delivering better digital experiences, Amplitude is here to help.

We recognize that though your customers demand better experiences, budgets are also tight. We’re here to help you deliver better digital experiences—so you can give your customers experiences they love and make every dollar count.

Want to find out how to get more business value from a digital analytics platform? See the platform in action in our upcoming live demo and understand the business value by calculating your custom ROI using the Total Economic Impact™ of Amplitude calculator.

About the Author
Headshot of Courtney Burry
Courtney Burry
Vice President of Product, Partner, and Customer Marketing, Amplitude
Courtney Burry is the VP of Product Marketing at Amplitude. Prior to working at Amplitude, she was SVP of Corporate and Product Marketing at Collibra and VP of Product Marketing at VMware. Courtney has 25+ years of marketing experience helping well-known tech brands evolve, grow, and thrive.