How Adobe Customers See the Complete View of User Behavior with Amplitude

New Amplitude integration enables teams using Adobe Analytics to go beyond single-device pageview data to easily see detailed, cross-platform journeys.

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April 9, 2020
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John Hurley
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How Adobe Customers See the Complete View of User Behavior with Amplitude Large

January 24, 2022 update: The information below shows how to use an Adobe Analytics data feed to ingest Adobe Analytics data into Amplitude. If your organization is using Adobe Launch (Adobe’s tag management system) to populate Adobe Analytics data, Amplitude has an Adobe Launch extension that can be used to send data to Amplitude. The Amplitude Adobe Launch extension allows your organization to leverage the data layer work that was done for Adobe Launch to send data to Amplitude. Unlike the data feed ingestion approach, this data will be available in real-time, since there is no need to wait for Adobe Analytics data feed files to be processed.

Please note that Adobe Launch is primarily used for desktop websites only, so the Amplitude Adobe Launch extension is primarily useful for desktop websites. Mobile applications should use Amplitude SDKs or continue to use the Adobe data feed ingestion process.

It’s no secret investments in customer experience (CX) drive real business results. One study found that enterprise-level companies that invested in CX made an additional $700 million within three years of their investment.

Of course, companies can’t invest in the customer experience without first understanding how customers interact with digital platforms. That’s where Amplitude’s new integration with Adobe comes in.

For over a decade, Adobe Analytics has helped big companies surface web analytics on content that leads to purchase, marketing analytics to manage marketing channels, and tools to track attribution across channels. While Adobe Analytics can help teams understand brand engagement and acquisition on websites, Amplitude takes analytics a step further by helping teams understand:

  • Why users convert or drop off
  • Where their friction points lie
  • How users interact across different devices
  • Which detailed behaviors lead to loyalty across different groups—both before and after the purchase.

This more holistic approach to understanding the digital experience is critical. After all, according to Harvard Business School, even a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by as much as 95%.

Amplitude was built to look at the full digital journey, and dive deeper into the customer behavior across multiple platforms. With this new integration, Adobe customers can take their data—and consequently, their customers’ digital experiences—to the next level.

Using Product Intelligence to Drive CX

These days, teams are tasked with the important—and complicated—job of creating useful, accurate insights into the customer journey. Whether you sit in the product org or data science team, you’re constantly looking for answers about how customers use your products and how we can create customer experiences that move them smoothly toward meaningful outcomes.

Adobe’s tools provide a foundation for this task. They’ll show you what pages people view, what campaigns perform well, and who converts. The focus here is on pageviews—on giving your team insights into what pages a customer visits before they buy.

But to be competitive in today’s market, you need more than a page-by-page breakdown of the common customer acquisition journeys on your site. The reality is that customers are traversing multiple interfaces as they do their work and interact with a brand. And teams that launch impactful, measurable products need to understand these complex digital experiences.

Highly successful product management organizations are 34% more likely to have an above-average understanding of customer needs. (Forrester | Siriusdecisions)

Modern digital customer experiences are complex

That behavioral data is what really helps you get a complete view of your customer journey.

Understand Customer Behavior Across Platforms with Amplitude

Research tells us organizations that use behavioral data outperform their competitors by 85%. That increased performance is due to the fact that those companies understand why their customers take specific actions on their products. Traditional analytics tools don’t give you enough insight into why an action happened, just that it did.

Getting to the why is the big challenge of data tools today—but it’s something Amplitude does well.

What questions versus why questions

It all starts with secure identity resolution—the act of stitching together customer behavior across all channels and devices while keeping data secure, private and anonymous. Say a customer starts researching your product on their tablet. From there, they add your product to their cart but then abandon the process. Later on, the customer goes to work and makes the purchase on their work computer. Amplitude’s identity resolution tools help stitch together behaviors from mobile, web, and other devices like smart TVs and wearables to show the full customer journey—not just the portion done on a single device.

Next, Amplitude customers can perform complex user queries without needing a Ph.D. or any previous technical skills to correlate user behavior and figure out why customers do what they do. For example:

  • Maybe users who order burger delivery through your food delivery app are also likely to respond to a coupon to try a new hot dog shop.
  • Perhaps you can correlate webinar sign-ups with certain product purchases.
  • Or is it possible that sharing a blog post on social media is behavior that correlates with high customer lifetime value?

Even better, with Amplitude, answering complex questions and resolving identity happens in near real-time. That’s thanks to Nova, our proprietary analytics engine.

Adobe and Amplitude: Better together

Teams that couple a customer-first mentality with a data-informed culture are equipped to create great customer experiences. Customer experience can make or break a business. And it’s pretty clear that it’s no longer enough to simply track surface-level customer insights. For maximum business growth, understanding post-sale behavior, how behaviors correlate to outcomes, and why customers do what they do are all essential.

This is why we’re excited about integrating Adobe Analytics with Amplitude’s ability to dive deeper into customer and product data, give your data governors more self-service control, and connect customer behavior across devices and channels. With Amplitude’s new Adobe integration, your teams can go beyond single-device pageview data and easily see a detailed, cross-platform view of all customer behavior.

Additionally, the integration gives your team better visibility into how raw data comes into your analytics system from various sources—visibility that comes in handy for not only planning and analyzing data, but also maintaining control, compliance, and privacy of data.

We think this integration is a great opportunity for Adobe customers to quickly modernize their tech stack. And if it sounds intriguing, now’s a great time to explore our demo.

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