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Leverage past Adobe Analytics implementation work to try out Amplitude

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January 24, 2022
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Adam Greco
Product Evangelist, Amplitude
Amplitude Adobe Launch Extension

Since I joined Amplitude, after spending decades working with the Omniture SiteCatalyst/Adobe Analytics product, I have had numerous digital analytics colleagues send me messages about Amplitude. They followed me through my travels in the Adobe Analytics world through blogs, Adobe Summit presentations, webinars and my Adobe Analytics book. Many of them were intrigued about why I made the move and have expressed interest in learning more about the Amplitude product. In my experience, the best way to learn a new product is to just start using it, ideally with your own data. However, using a new digital analytics product isn’t easy because it takes time to implement it on your website or mobile app.

If you have Adobe Analytics implemented on your website through Segment or Tealium, you can use existing integrations we have built to send data into Amplitude so you can try the product with your own data. But most Adobe Analytics customers use the freely provided Adobe Launch tag management system to implement analytics on their website (mobile apps tend to use an SDK). Within Adobe Launch, Adobe Analytics customers have integrated with their internal data layer to configure Adobe Launch Data Elements and Rules.

Adobe Launch Rules

For most organizations, a lot of work has gone into building this comprehensive Adobe Launch infrastructure. So, instead of forcing organizations interested in trying Amplitude to implement from scratch, I am excited to announce the general availability of a new Amplitude Adobe Launch Extension! This new extension, built by Feld M, one of Amplitude’s European partners, allows any Adobe Analytics customer with an existing Adobe Launch tag management implementation to easily send data to Amplitude. The Amplitude Adobe Launch Extension leverages all of the existing Data Elements and Rules, which, in turn, leverage the internal data layer, to send data to Amplitude. This means that within a few hours, you can reuse all of the work you have done in the past around Adobe Analytics to build out a complete Amplitude analytics implementation. This allows you to learn more about the Amplitude product and do so using your own data.

Amplitude Adobe Launch Extension

The new Amplitude Adobe Launch Extension works in a similar manner as the recently announced Amplitude Google Tag Management Template. All of the tagging functions needed to build out an Amplitude analytics implementation are contained within the tag management extension:

Adobe Launch Configuration

The extension has a configuration area for one-time settings, such as authentication and project ID. Within each action type, the extension allows you to set values manually or configure key-value pairs using data elements that already exist in the Adobe Launch configuration. Amplitude actions can be added to existing Adobe Launch rules so that data is sent to Adobe Analytics and Amplitude at the same time. Since Adobe Launch is primarily used for website implementations, Amplitude mobile app implementations would still need to be done using one of our existing implementation options.

Here is a short video that goes through the new Adobe Launch extension in more detail:

Hopefully you can see how easy it is to begin sending data to Amplitude and keep in mind that you can use Amplitude for free to store up to ten million events per month.

Thank You to Feld M

At Amplitude, we are big believers in partners. Our team is extremely busy building great new product features for our clients, so we rely on partners to help us innovate. This extension was built by Datacroft, the development unit of FELD M. It has been a joy working with the Feld M team to build this Amplitude Adobe Launch Extension and if your organization needs any help with its use, please reach out to them.

You can find the Amplitude Adobe Launch extension in the Adobe Launch Extension catalog found within Adobe Launch.

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Image of Adam Greco
Adam Greco
Product Evangelist, Amplitude
Adam Greco is one of the leading voices in the digital analytics industry. Over the past 20 years, Adam has advised hundreds of organizations on analytics best practices and has authored over 300 blogs and one book related to analytics. Adam is a frequent speaker at analytics conferences and has served on the board of the Digital Analytics Association.

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